Searching for another dumb ranking

A rather self-referential ranking this time – a league table of searches

Please do excuse the self-indulgence. Top 20 searches on Registrarism over the past 12 months. Am slightly disturbed that birds, spiders and bagpipes figure quite so prominently. Probably the most pointless ranking around. Or maybe not.

Search Views
latin america 3,432
university league tables 3,251
plagiarism 2,797
magnifying glass 2,736
sunday times university guide 2012 2,411
university league tables 2011 1,776
university league tables 2012 1,675
pigeon 1,346
tarantula 1,274
america 821
tarantula spider 756
sunday times university league tables 2012 712
bagpipes 674
high impact universities 660
registrarism 630
globe 555
times university ranking 2012 537
the sunday times university guide 2012 507
times league table 2011 495
university of surrey 487

Apologies again for the froth. It is Friday. The good news is that a new, rather more serious, thread starts next week. More to follow.

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