Save 74% on your Doctorate!

Yes! Discounts galore – Groupon now does cheap PhDs

In these austere times, it is reassuring to note that internet innovation is coming to the rescue of hard pressed students who can’t afford the time or the high fees associated with serious doctoral studies. Groupon in Germany is offering a wide range of doctorates at very reasonable prices.

There really is a fantastic range of titles on offer including these:

… of Angel Therapy
… of Apologetics
… of Aromatherapy
… of Astral Projection
… of Church Administration
… of Dowsing
… of Esoteric Sciences
… of Exorcisms
… of Feng Shui
… of Gospel Music
… of Holistic Sciences
… of Homeopathy
… of Immortality
… of Metaphysical Sciences
… of Motivation
… of Paranormal Psychology
… of Parapsychology
… of Psychic Astrology
… of Religious Economics
… of Theocentric Communications
… of Transpersonal Communications
… of Ufology

All it takes is a small donation…

Die Miami Life Development Church verleiht gegen eine milde Spende den kirchlichen Ehrendoktor-, den Ehren-Professortitel oder beide – Er darf dank Zusatz h.c. (honoris causa) weltweit offiziell geführt werden

„Is’ was, Doc?“ So cool kann man sich künftig von den neidischen Freunden ansprechen lassen, ohne sich mit fremden Federn schmücken zu müssen. Denn mit einem kirchlichen Ehrendoktortitel für zum Beispiel Metaphysik oder Aromatherapie von Doktortitel steht der Zusatz h.c. völlig zu Recht vor dem Vor- und Nachnamen

Yet another example of disruptive innovation in higher education? Or a bit of a con? You decide. “What’s up Doc?” indeed.
(With thanks to David Simpson, @dvdsmpsn, for the spot.)

3 thoughts on “Save 74% on your Doctorate!

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  2. Translated, that text reads something like this (my favorite bit is about decorating with borrowed plumes):

    The Miami Life Church Development provides for a donation to the church for honorary doctorates, the honorary title of professor or two – he must add thanks be (honoris causa) officially out worldwide

    “What’s Up, Doc?” So cool can you look at the future can be addressed by envious friends, without having to decorate with borrowed plumes. Because with a honorary Doctor of the Church in metaphysics or aromatherapy. The addition of PhD absolutely right in front of the first and last name.

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