True Crime on Campus §19: a bit “wonky”

More true crime on campus

It’s business as usual for our ever-vigilant and attentive Security Team:

1445 Report of a suspicious package outside the DLRC Security attended. The package belonged to a Student who was playing a prank on a friend of his. Security Officers have given the Student some advice.

2105 Report of a male lying on the ground near to the Lodges on Beeston Lane. Security attended on arrival the male was sitting up. He stated that he was a member of staff but had felt a bit “wonky” after attending a formal event at a Hall of Residence. Security took the male home as he was still unsteady on his feet.

16:30 Security received a report to call for a plumber to room A13 at the Clinical Science Building at the City Hospital due to a slow drip from a pipe. A bucket was placed underneath the leak. Helpdesk informed.

0045 Patrol Security observed a male attempting to enter Derby Hall via an open window. The person was stopped by Security Officers and identified as a student who lives in the Hall but had forgotten his room key.

20:45 Security were called to Triumph Road to investigate a missing barrier. It was reported that a group of people were using it to jump over. Security removed barrier and placed in the Dearing Building.

1910 Security were requested to provide two batteries for the door bell to Hugh Stewart House by the Hall Porter of Hugh Stewart Hall Security attended.

12:05 Security received a phone call from the Warden at a Hall as a cleaner had found four cannabis plants growing in pots in the shower. Lights and other items associated with growing cannabis were also found. All items removed, Security to follow up and Police informed.

12:30 Security were called to the Trent Building, lower ground floor near the Great Hall as a Student had reported a male in the female shower. On arrival Security witnessed one male and one female exiting the room together.

22:15 Security were called to Sherwood Hall as someone was in the bar with a bag of ten swords. The student claimed that they were used in traditional English dance and he brought them onto Campus to promote this. Security removed swords as they could be used as weapons. Warden informed. Security to follow up.

22:35 The Hall Warden at Lenton and Wortley Hall informed Security that three students were running around in their underwear. Security made them aware that this was unacceptable. Security to follow up.

0045 Report of a male lying unconscious in a female toilet in the Hallward Library. University Security attended the Student was woken up and found to be very drunk. The Student thought the toilets were his room in his Hall of Residence. Security escorted the Student out of the Library where he was able to make his way back to his Hall.

1330 Report that a 4 year old child had been found on the Boulevard adjacent to the Tennis Centre. Security attended and spoke to the child. The child was asked where their parents were the child pointed to the DHL Pavilion. Security took the child to the Pavilion where the mother was identified. The mother was eating a meal. She did not thank Security for removing the child from the side of the road or returning the child to her. She told the child not to do it again and continued eating her meal.

0500 Patrol Security spoke to an Ambulance crew outside Derby Hall. They had been called to a student who had injured themselves while sleeping. Officers were not able to obtain further details as to the injury. The Warden is to be informed.

0250 Patrol Security Officers observed two students riding pedal cycles on Beeston Lane without lights the pair were also weaving all over the roadway. Security Officers stopped the students both of whom were drunk and the cycles they were on did not belong to them. The cycles were taken from them and they were informed that they would be reported to the Head of Security.

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