True Crime on Campus §20: accidents will happen

More true crime on campus: accidents happen, sometimes intentionally

Accidents can happen on campus. Fortunately, our Security staff are more than capable of responding to all kinds of events. Even when some of them really aren’t accidental at all:

0250 Report of a broken window at Sherwood Hall. Security attended: the window had been broken by persons unknown throwing a traffic cone through the window. Long Eaton Glass called out.

0050 Patrol Security Officers observed an Ambulance parked on Cherry Tree Hill. The Ambulance crew were treating a student who was believed to have a broken arm which was sustained when he fell out of a tree on Cherry Tree Hill.

2300 Request from Swimming Pool Staff for an Ambulance as a swimmer had been hit by a canoe. Security and Ambulance attended.

0330 Patrol Security stopped three students who were carrying gas cylinders on Beeston Lane. The cylinders were taken from the students.

1337 Report that a member of Estates had observed a male carrying a pedal cycle on Science Road which was secured with a D Lock. The member of Estates stopped the male and questioned him. The cycle was taken from the male and handed over to Security Staff. The male walked off Campus without the cycle. The cycle has been returned to its owner, a student, with advice on how to secure a pedal cycle. The Police have been informed and Security Staff are reviewing the CCTV.

1100 Report from the Police that a student had been stabbed on Campus. Security met with the Police and following information provided by the Police entry to a student’s room in Hugh Stewart Hall was made. The student who had contacted the Police was in bed asleep. He was woken and spoken to by the Police and Security and the student stated that he had not been stabbed but had been drinking heavily the night before. Head of Security and the Hall Warden are to be informed. The Police left after speaking to the student.

0305 Report that a Conference Delegate had cut himself shaving and required First Aid. Security attended and provided First Aid. The Delegate did not require further medical attention.

1615 Patrol Security observed that a student’s window at Derby Hall had a picture of a penis drawn on it with an obscene caption under it. The student was not in his room but a message was left for him to clean the window. The Warden is to be informed.
0335 Report that a female student had banged her head on a tree while walking by the Lakeside. The student had suffered blurred vision and was complaining of a headache. Security Officers took the student to the QMC to be checked out.
21:30 Security were called to Cavendish Hall as a student had injured their foot. He had dropped a cup on his left foot and cut it. Wound cleaned and plaster applied by Security. Student was able to walk and he was advised to call Security if there were any other problems.
13:30 A returning student living in Ancaster Hall reported that belongings from his room had been moved, including his mattress and duvet. The student informed us that it could be a prank from other students in his Hall. Security to follow up.

1730 Report that a male had thrown a child into Highfield Lake – Security attended. On arrival a child was found with a cut to his leg and was also covered in nettle stings from being grabbed and thrown into the lake. The person responsible had left the area when Security arrived. The Police were informed. Further information is that the child had a large water gun and had sprayed it into a boat full of people. One of the people in the boat got off and threw the child into the Lake. The child was left with his parent.

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