True Crime on Campus §21: the naked truth

More true crime on campus

Strange things can happen on campus. Some of them involving people who seem reluctant to keep their clothes on. Fortunately, our indefatigable Security staff are more than capable of responding to all kinds of events:

23:05 Security attended a report of a male in Portland Building, carrying a rucksack and emptying cash machines. On investigation the male was a staff member of G4S and was repairing the machine.

1730 Report that a Student had been seen in the early hours exposing himself and then running around Ancaster Hall with a handful of paper on fire. Security are following up.

04:40 Security received a report from a concerned mother regarding her daughter; a student resident in Cavendish Hall who was suffering from chest pains. Security had to wait for the student to return as she was in Tesco buying mints. On arrival the Security contacted the NHS Direct line and handed the phone over to the student to describe the symptoms. Security advised the student to call back if the symptoms got worse.

00:10 Security attended a report of a student who had seen a bat at Ancaster Hall. On arrival Security could not identify a bat.

22:15 Security received a report of a group of female students running around with knives in Sherwood Hall. On arrival the building attendant identified the six female students. It was established that one of the female students had used a butter knife to remove several room numbers from inside the Hall. The Deputy Hall Warden was present and informed the group of students that disciplinary action would follow. Hall Warden informed.

22:35 The Hall Warden at Lenton and Wortley Hall informed Security that three students were running around in their underwear. Security made them aware that this was unacceptable. Security to follow up.

2100 Security Officers were requested to a disturbance in the Sir Clive Granger Building. On arrival two Student Societies were having a disagreement about a room booking. The Security Officers report has been forwarded to the Director of Student Operations and Support.

18:50 Security received a report of three nude males running through the lodges and down Beeston Lane towards West Entrance. A further report was received of three females in their underwear walking up Jubilee Avenue. On arrival Security stopped the three females and transported them back to Willoughby Hall, where the remaining three males were spotted at the back of the Hall. The porter identified all of the students and Security warned them of the stupidity of their actions. Details to Hall Warden. Security to follow up.

0415 Patrol Security Officers observed a torch being used in Woodland adjacent to Highfield Lake. Officers entered the wooded area and two males were seen to run from the area. Officers discovered that the males had been attempting to light a fire in the wood.

1358 Report that a male was filming cheerleaders who were on the Sports Centre Field getting ready to take photographs for a calendar. The cheerleaders were changing from one outfit to another and exposing themselves in the process. The male was in a vehicle in the Sports Centre car park with a hand held camcorder in one hand… Security attended and the male was detained. Police were called and arrested the male. The cheerleaders have been told that they should use the changing rooms if they wish to change. Security will be following up on this arrest with the Police.


1 thought on “True Crime on Campus §21: the naked truth

  1. and that, my friends, is why cheerleading (which now seems to be included as a sport in all primary schools) is just wrong

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