True Crime on Campus §22: Surprise, surprise

More true crime on campus: some surprising occurrences 

Surprising things can happen on campus. Fortunately, it’s hard to catch our ever-vigilant Security team unawares…

07:15 Security received a report of a delivery driver stuck in the car park barriers at EMCC. Security attended and resolved the matter.

0500 Patrol Security spoke to an Ambulance crew outside Derby Hall. They had been called to a Student who had injured themselves while sleeping. Officers were not able to obtain further details as to the injury the Warden is to be informed.

02:30 Security at Sutton Bonington reported that there was a small group of sheep that were on the loose along the road near Future Crops. Other staff members assisted with rounding the sheep together.

1115 Report of a male sleeping in a corridor of Cripps Hall. Security attended and spoke to the male who was a guest of a student in the Hall. The guest was taken back to his friend’s room.

1515 Report that a student had cut his lip while rehearsing for a play in the Portland Building. Security attended and advised the Student to attended A+E. The Building Attendant is to complete an Accident form.

1735 Report of people conducting a survey allegedly for the City Council in Newark Hall Security attended and spoke to those carrying out the survey. They were asked to leave. A copy of the information from these people has been e-mailed to managers with an interest in this type of activity.

2350 Patrol Security Officers discovered a very happy drunk in a wheelie bin at the rear of the Maths Building. The male was eventually found to be staying with his girlfriend in Derby Hall. The male was returned to his girlfriend who was relieved to see him safe and well apart from being very drunk.

0450 Report of a group of students drinking beer and playing loud music in the Hallward Library. University Security attended and spoke to the students. They were asked to turn the music off and stop drinking beer. Library Staff to be informed.

1520 Report that a vehicle had rolled into two other vehicles in the Main Visitors car park. Security attended details of those involved were taken and exchanged. The driver of the vehicle whose vehicle caused the damage will be reported to the Head of Security for failing to apply the handbrake.

1420 Report of a person seen climbing through a window at Derby Hall. Security attended the person concerned was spoken to by Security. The person was identified as a student resident in the Hall who had forgotten his room key he has been given advice.

2100 Patrol Security discovered a male in a toilet in the Sir Colin Campbell Building. The male had no connection to the University and he was told to leave the Campus.

0100 Report that damage had been done in a kitchen in Normanton House Sutton Bonington. The person concerned was dressed as a Tiger and after throwing food and smashing some plates left before they could be identified.

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