True Crime on Campus §23: the ultimate discovery

More true crime on campus:

Our Security staff discover the strangest things happening on campus. Fortunately, they are generally unflappable and respond pragmatically to every challenge. Even when presented with the ultimate answer:

16:34 Security received a report from a member of staff that a person unknown was looking at the lead on the roof of the DHL. Security to follow up.

23:35 Security discovered a conference delegate sleeping in his car on Jubilee Campus near the Business School North. Security advised he went to see the porter to get a room but he insisted he stayed in his car.

1645 Report that an unknown male had got himself wedged in the revolving door at the Portland Building. One of the glass panels in the door was over flexed causing it to shatter. Security attended but the male had left the area without waiting to be spoken to. Help Desk informed.

0910 Residents of the BASF House contacted Security as they were concerned about a BEKO Fridge that was in the house given the recent issues with some of these products. Security attended and checked the serial numbers and confirmed that the one in the house was not one that was of concern.

2100 Report of a male in a van looking in skips at the Halls of Residence. Security attended – the male was spoken to and told to leave Campus.

00:45 While on patrol Security noticed two males fishing on the far side of the Djanogly Learning Centre on Jubilee Campus. Security pointed out that there were signs stating ‘No Fishing’. They agreed to leave Campus and stated that did not keep any fish they had caught and put them back.

15:44 Security received a report from a member of the public that they could hear screaming from the new build along Beeston Lane by the Sports Centre. Security attended, checked the area and questioned the builders but nothing was found.

1625 Patrol Security stopped a student riding a motorcycle without a Helmet on Cut Through Lane. The rider was spoken to and told that he would be reported for the offence. The rider stated he forgot to put the helmet on.

0600 Patrol Security discovered two horses from the fields at the rear of the Vet School loose on Lancroft Lane. Security put the horses back into the fields. Security are to speak to the Vet School re this.

2310 Conference Delegates contacted Security from Sherwood Hall to say they were too hot. Delegates were advised to open their windows.

1330 Report of a suspicious package in Lenton and Wortley Hall. Security attended – the package was found to contain herbs to aid sleep.

0755, 1323 A male contacted the Security Control room stating that he had discovered the meaning of life and urgently needed to speak to a Professor in Physics. After discussing the matter at length with Security the person’s details have been passed onto the Police to carry out a welfare check.


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