Where will they go? Student Destinations – Global Agent Survey

The latest survey of international recruitment agent views Given that I am currently at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus on a brief visit I thought I would focus on an international story. ICEF (an international market intelligence outfit) and i-graduate have just published their 2012 global survey of international student recruitment agents' views on … Continue reading Where will they go? Student Destinations – Global Agent Survey

An Odd New League Table – the Great Space Race

A League Table Based on Dropbox Use Not certain this will catch on. It's a league table of universities based on the number of Dropbox users.   The United Kingdom rankings look like this (the number of "space racers" is, I assume, the number of Dropbox users who have signed up with a .ac.uk email … Continue reading An Odd New League Table – the Great Space Race

Frightening Stuff: It’s Monsters University

Fictional and daft but really rather impressive My attention was drawn recently to the Monsters University website. It is of course an entirely fictional construct to promote a new animated movie from Pixar which is a prequel to Monsters Inc from a decade ago. Looking through the site it really is a quite good pastiche … Continue reading Frightening Stuff: It’s Monsters University

University Education – Free for Everyone?

Will everyone have free HE in 10 years' time? Or is this just more MOOC hype? An interesting piece in Time on "Why College May Be Totally Free Within 10 Years". It's a report of an interesting (but perhaps rather sinister sounding) TedEx style think tank event called the Nantucket Project.   The report commented … Continue reading University Education – Free for Everyone?

The Three World University League Tables of 2012/13

World University League Tables 2012/13 Following the publication of the THE world university rankings, we can put the three world league tables together, and in particular the UK placings, in a handy reference guide. They all offer their own unique take on world university placings. Here they all are: The Times Higher World University Rankings, … Continue reading The Three World University League Tables of 2012/13

True Crime on Campus §24: Hide and Seek

More true crime on campus: bet you can't find me Bizarre things can happen on campus. Fortunately, our excellent Security staff are more than able to cope with just about anything. Even when it involves students hiding from them: 1230 Report of a Contractor working at a Hall had closed the boot of their own … Continue reading True Crime on Campus §24: Hide and Seek

The Imperfect University: Mobility Matters

The Imperfect University: Staff getting on their bikes One of the things professional services colleagues sometimes complain about is that whereas  academic staff can be promoted in post - and indeed can progress all the way from lecturer to professor in the same academic department - they can't. Instead to advance their careers administrators have … Continue reading The Imperfect University: Mobility Matters

No more swimming to graduation

You can now graduate without being able to swim Inside Higher Ed carries the shock news that the University of Chicago has decided to drop its swimming, fitness tests and PE requirements for graduation: The University of Chicago this month became the latest institution to drop a swimming proficiency test required for graduation. But Chicago … Continue reading No more swimming to graduation

Calm down everyone: Yale-NUS appoints new deans

A lot of fuss over not very much news? I must admit to being both amazed and slightly peeved at the level of publicity generated by the Yale-NUS development in Singapore which is still a year from opening. It is also fascinating how much money seems to be being poured in and the kind of … Continue reading Calm down everyone: Yale-NUS appoints new deans

The Times, Sunday Times, Guardian and Complete University Guide League Tables 2012-13

The four 2012-13 UK University League Tables A previous post offered the first three UK university league tables of 2012-13 and this one now updates this to include the final one from this year from the Sunday Times.  All of the tables have previously been summarised here. As a handy reference guide, here they are: … Continue reading The Times, Sunday Times, Guardian and Complete University Guide League Tables 2012-13

MOOCS: 12 Reasons for universities not to panic

Don't believe the hype? There has been an extraordinary level of hype in higher education (and beyond) about Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs. Vice-Chancellors and their senior management teams up and down the country have been fretting about the developments and whether they need to get on board with one of the big players … Continue reading MOOCS: 12 Reasons for universities not to panic

THE World University Rankings 2013

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2012-13 are out The final ranking of the season is now available from THE. The top 20 looks like this: 1 California Institute of Technology (1) =2 Oxford University (4) =2 Stanford University (2=) 
4 Harvard (2=) 
5 MIT (7) 6 Princeton (5) 7 Cambridge (6) 
8 Imperial … Continue reading THE World University Rankings 2013

Personalised campus visits

A US University has really gone for personalisation in a big way   Lynn University has gone to really quite extraordinary lengths to offer a personalised experience for prospective students visiting its campus. Inside Higher Ed reports on the university's attempt to attract more students: Lynn University is so invested in prospective students enjoying their … Continue reading Personalised campus visits