Personalised campus visits

A US University has really gone for personalisation in a big way


Lynn University has gone to really quite extraordinary lengths to offer a personalised experience for prospective students visiting its campus. Inside Higher Ed reports on the university’s attempt to attract more students:

Lynn University is so invested in prospective students enjoying their time on campus that even before a student enrolls the university has a parking spot with their name on it.

Every prospective student who comes to visit the campus gets his or her own spot. A series of well-marked signs directs them from the parking lot to the admissions building. A screen in the admissions office welcomes students to the campus by name.

But that’s just the beginning. Around campus, it’s like the student has been there for years. Everyone knows that prospective student’s name, what he or she might be interested in studying, and where he or she is from. Current students take prospective students around to see whatever they want on campus and talk about majors and extracurricular activities, and faculty members in their potential majors dine with them to talk about courses.

It’s a bit different from the large open day experience at many UK institutions where thousands visit at any one time and personalisation can be a challenge. Nevertheless, in the competitive market place in which we are all now operating many universities continue to work hard to offer high quality open day visits. Parking is always a challenge though even at the best of times and I’m not sure dining with academic staff is going to be on offer for large numbers of students. But might this be the future for some?

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