True Crime on Campus §24: Hide and Seek

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Bizarre things can happen on campus. Fortunately, our excellent Security staff are more than able to cope with just about anything. Even when it involves students hiding from them:

1230 Report of a Contractor working at a Hall had closed the boot of their own vehicle and struck themselves on the head causing a small cut to their head. Security attended – the Hall Manager is to complete the on line accident form.

2030 Report that a student had banged his head on a door frame in Hall. Security attended and checked the student. The student had a mark on his head. The Hall Staff completed an Accident form.

1849 Report of two students using a deodorant spray to set off the fire alarm in Hall. Both students were spoken to and told that they would be reported to the Hall Warden.

0300 Report of a student naked and trying to vomit in their shower in Ancaster Hall. The Hall Tutor requested that Security to help get the student out of the shower as he was cold and naked.

2020 Patrol Security Officers stopped a male who was kicking and moving cones in Trent Building Quad. The male was very abusive and would not stop swearing at Officers. The male who had no connection to the University identified himself as a serving solider. Given the level of abuse Security Management will be contacting the Army.

18:00 While shutting the windows in room A42 Sir Clive Granger building the blinds fell down in one of the windows. Help desk informed.

1930 Report that a Professor had contacted the QMC Security stating he thought he had left a portable heater on in his Office. QMC Security did not have access to the area University Security attended and also could not access the area. As QMC Security had not taken a contact number for the Professor there was no way to contact him. Security Officers monitored the area during the night and are to follow up today. The Office was within the Hospital and not part of the Medical School.

1000 Report of a student with an injury to their ankle. Security attended and took the student to Cripps Health Centre. The injury was caused according to the student by her stepping funny.

14:40 Security attended the Atrium on Jubilee Campus after receiving a report from a member of staff that several youths were causing a nuisance by running in and out of the building. The youths complied when asked to leave the Campus.

0415 Report of a male sleeping in a computer room in the Trent Building. Security attended. The male was a student who had fallen asleep while working. The student made his way home.

2010 Report of a large number of students running around the Trent Building. Security Officers attended. The students explained that they were playing hide and seek. The Hide and Seek Society President was found by Officers and spoken to. Officers conducted a search of the building and located all the other hiding students. I understand that Officers declined their turn to go and hide.


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