An Odd New League Table – the Great Space Race

A League Table Based on Dropbox Use

Not certain this will catch on. It’s a league table of universities based on the number of Dropbox users.


The United Kingdom rankings look like this (the number of “space racers” is, I assume, the number of Dropbox users who have signed up with a email address):


1 University of Oxford 2,682 5,536 points

2 University of Cambridge 2,499 5,291 points

3 Imperial College London 2,193 4,799 points

4 University College London 1,945 4,123 points

5 University of Southampton 1,599 3,401 points

6 University of Edinburgh 1,363 2,869 points

7 University of Warwick 971 2,109 points

8 University of Manchester 827 1,821 points

9 University of Nottingham 787 1,723 points

10 London School of Economics and Political Science 837 1,667 points

It seems that the ranking is based on number of users plus something else. A rather opaque methodology. Very little additional detail can be found on the  Dropbox Great Space Race! site. There do appear to be some benefits in terms of additional storage space for universities which score highly.

Will it take off? Time will tell. (With thanks to David Simpson @dvdsmpsn for the spot.)


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