Delivering better higher education data?

Another attempt to clean up HE data.

A previous post on the HE regulatory landscape noted the challenge of sorting out the massive range of data reporting required of universities – 550 different reporting requirements – which entailed a major programme of work. A year later things have moved on it seems and we now have the Higher Education Data & Information Improvement Programme. The rather infelicitously entitled HEDIIP is meant to address at least some of these issues:

The Higher Education Data and Information Improvement Programme (HEDIIP) is being established to enhance the arrangements for the collection, sharing and dissemination of data and information about the HE system.

This follows the challenges set out in paragraph 6.22 of the BIS White Paper Students at the Heart of the System which called for the HE information landscape to be redesigned “in order to arrive at a new system that meets the needs of a wider group of users; reduces the duplication that currently exists, and results in timelier and more relevant data.”

This work has been overseen by the Regulatory Partnership Group and HEDIIP is now being established to carry forward a programme of changes to build a more coherent, responsive and less burdensome information landscape.

There is a desperate need to sort out the regulatory landscape. Will this new initiative make a difference? Time will tell but there is really very little to go on here as yet and a solitary tweet in 10 weeks does not auger well either.

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