True Crime on Campus §31: no dead ducks

It’s all new and all real: more true crime on campus

There can be some strange and often challenging incidents on campus sometimes. However, our outstanding Security staff are ready for anything and always there to deal with the problem- no matter how odd:

20:50 Security provided access for a student who was locked in the Hallward Library as the Library staff had gone home.

23:00 Security were called to a possible intruder into Flat at Sutton Bonington Campus. No damaged caused although TV was found in the oven and a sofa has been put on its side with various cleaning products scattered across the floor. All doors locked but a window was found propped open with a TV remote control.

18:50 Security attended a report of three youths throwing water balloons on the lakeside of the Trent Building who had ran off in the direction of Florence Boot Hall. On arrival there were no youths found.

cut finger1625 Report of a Student with a cut finger in the Opal Office Sutton Bonington Campus. Security attended – the Student was advised to attend the local NHS walk in centre.

2155 Report of Students being too loud while watching a Rugby Match in Hall. Security attended and asked the Students to keep the noise down.

0830 Report of the theft of a Motor Cycle from the EMCC car park. Security attended Police informed. Patrol Security Officers located the cycle hidden in bushes adjacent to Lenton and Wortley Hall. The Owner and Police have been informed.

1911 Request for Security to attend the Swimming Pool due to a possible dispute between a Swimming Coach and a parent. Security attended – no issues were reported.

1629 Report of two males with Dogs attempting to get the animal to fight each other at the rear of the Sir Colin Campbell Building. Security attended but on arrival the males had left the area.

1520 Report of a male attempting to steal seats from Pedal Cycles on Jubilee Campus. Security attended – the male had left the area. Security Officers are to follow up.

1640 Report of a couple having sex on Nightingale Field. Security attended, the area was checked but no one was found.

19:00 Security were made aware of smoke coming from behind Melton Hall, Jubilee Campus. On arrival it appeared to be coming from a garden – residents were burning their things in their garden. Police attended and stopped the residents.


1235 Report of a person trapped in the lift in Tower Building. Security attended. The person trapped was the lift engineer who had attended to repair the lift. A second engineer was able to rectify the fault.

1340 Report of a male strangling Ducks at the Jubilee Campus. Officers attended and spoke to the male who denied it. There was no evidence to confirm the report. The male was told to leave Campus.

1415 Report of a male urinating onto the rear of DHL Building. Security attended and spoke to the male. He stated that he needed he needed to urinate and the toilets in DHL were too dirty to use. The male was given advice and told not to do it again.

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