Who matters most on campus?

Who are the VIPs at your university?

We all like to think we are indispensable. However, this is rarely the case. I sometimes worry the place will grind to a halt when I go on holiday.  It does seem though that things often progress just fine when I’m away (for a brief period, anyway). So perhaps I’m not completely indispensable. Which then invites the question are there key individuals within universities without whom things would just fall apart?

Obviously there are groups of people who are fundamental to the operation of the institution, starting with academics who teach and research and including grounds staff, catering teams and those who sort out the timetable and run school offices. But who are the absolutely critical individuals?

Bigbang VIP

Who is the most important person in your university? The Vice-Chancellor? Chief Financial Officer? Registrar?  What about the Head of Undergraduate Admissions, the Head of Security or the Dean of the Medical school? You might also think of the Press Officer, Head of Health and Safety or IT Network Manager. Or yourself of course. #univips

2 thoughts on “Who matters most on campus?

  1. As at 16.09 on 21 October, the “Other” category is as set out below. Students, rightly, popular (I was only thinking of staff) and some people perhaps self-nominating…

    Students 6
    caretaker / secretary / PA 1
    Executive Officers 1
    Head of Timetabling 1
    deputy vc 1
    Student president 1
    Parking 1
    The gas engineer, without whom the central heating cannot be turned on. 1

  2. Latest on the voting – IT Network Manager still out in front with students a clear second…

    IT Network Manager 14 27%
    Vice-Chancellor 4 8%
    Head of Security 3 6%
    Registrar 2 4%
    Director of Teaching 1 2%
    Head of Undergraduate Admissions 1 2%
    Press Officer 1 2%
    Chief Financial Officer 0 0%
    Head of Health and Safety 0 0%
    Dean of the Medical School 0 0%

    Other Answer Votes

    Students 11

    The gas engineer, without whom the central heating cannot be turned on. 1
    Student president 1
    caretaker / secretary / PA 1
    deputy vc 1
    Executive Officers 1
    Parking 1
    Staff AND students – we all benefit and contribute to a University community 1
    The Technicians! 1
    Human Resources 1
    Head of school 1
    Student Support 1
    external lawyers 1
    finance team 1
    Head of Timetabling

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