True Crime on Campus §32: not vending

All new True Crime on Campus.

More extracts from real Security reports. The challenges are never ending for our hard working and extremely helpful Security staff:

21:20 Security received a report of an alarm activation at the Blackwells Bookshop on Jubilee Campus. On investigation, all of the doors were secure and the cause of the activation was cobwebs at the alarm sensor. The key holder met with Security and removed the cobwebs.

5474155241_4918b47ea6Update:‘Report of Theft of £1000 by a Student from his room in Hall on 28/09/13’. A Security Officer from the Covert Team visited the student in his room to conduct further enquires. The student informed him that he had left the money in a top drawer in a bag. The Officer pulled the drawers out and found the money at the back of the drawers. To say the student was elated would be an understatement and he gave the Officer a big hug. Police and Hall Management updated.

2120 Report that a kitchen cupboard had fallen off the kitchen wall while full of food items on Greenfield Street. Security attended and assisted the resident in moving the cupboard. Estates Help Desk and Housing to be informed.

0020 Patrol Security Officer observed a male attempting to break into a house. The Officer spoke to the male who stated that this is where all the drugs are. The male then ran from the area and was detained by other Officers who attended. The male was found to be a student from Derby University who was staying with a friend in Hall. This was confirmed by our student. Wardens to be informed. The student from Derby University was extremely drunk.

446707751_e6ed02a1d92145 Report that a student had his hand stuck in a vending machine in Sir Clive Grainger Building. Security attended the Fire Service were called out. The Student managed to free his hand and went to the QMC to be checked due to pain in his wrist.

2120 Report that people were giving out free cider to students in the car park. Security attended. Those who were handing out the cider stated that they had been given permission to do so but had no proof of this so were told to leave Campus. Security are to follow up.

2230 Report that a student thinks they may have Flu in Hall. Security attended.

2352 Report of a mattress being thrown out of a room in Hall. Security attended and the Hall Porter confirmed all the items were back in the room. There is some damage to the window of the which will need to be reported. The Hall Warden and Manager are to be informed. At 1550 a report from the resident of the room was taken by Security that items are missing from their room. Security to follow up.

0035 Patrol Security Officers stopped a group of Students on East Drive. One Student was climbing a lamp post and another was on the top of a bus shelter. One student was very abusive towards the Officer and will be reported to the Compliance and Investigations Manager.

iphone1130 Report that a mobile phone had been stolen from the Chemistry Building and the owner was tracking the phone. Security attended the Science Site and with the owner concentrated on the area where the phone was tracked too. As Officers closed in on the area the signal from the phone was lost. While making enquires in the area Officers discovered that the owner had in fact purchased lunch in the Coates Cafe and left his phone at the till. The cafe staff had waited for a short period to see if the owner returned when they did not they placed the phone in their safe which was when the signal to it was lost. The phone was retrieved and returned to the owner.

2150 Residents of a Flat contacted the Control room asking for help as their baby would not stop crying. Officers gave the contact number for NHS Direct and attended the flat.

2324 Request for assistance to Hallward Library as a drunken student kept running into the Library and shouting. Security attended. On arrival the student had run away.

1310 Report that there was a dog in Highfield Lake in distress. Security attended and on arrival Officers observed a male with the dog. The male was spoken to and confirmed he was the owner and he had jumped into the lake to save his dog.

Never a dull moment on campus.

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