Global Employability University Ranking

Global Employability University Ranking 2013

A new Global Employability University Ranking has just been published by Times Higher Education.

The list is compiled by French human resources consulting group Emerging Associates along with Trendence, a German polling and research institute:

It is based on responses from 2,700 recruiters in 20 countries, who were asked which of their local universities produced the best graduates.

According to Emerging Associates, the performance of smaller northern European countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries had surprised this year.

“In a general way, those universities that specialise in business tend do well, which is understandable, but what is evident in a number of countries is that the universities that do best are those that have managed to adapt themselves to recruiters’ expectations – irrespective of their specializations,” said Sandrine Belloc, director of Emerging Associates.

The top 20 is headed by Oxford with Cambridge 3rd with heavy representation from  US institutions in the upper reaches although there is some variety in here too:

1 University of Oxford, Great Britain

2 Harvard University, USA

3 University of Cambridge, Great Britain

4 Stanford University, USA

5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

6 Princeton University, USA

7 Columbia University, USA

8 Yale University, USA

9 California Institute of Technology, USA

10 The University of Tokyo, Japan

11 Technische Universität München, Germany

12 University of California, Berkeley, USA

13 University College London, Great Britain

14 University of Toronto, Canada

15 University of Edinburgh, Great Britain

16 École Polytechnique, France

17 HEC Paris, France

18 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

19 École Normale Supérieure, France

20 Australian National University, Australia

There are 14 UK universities in the top 150 but universities in the US dominate the table, securing 45 places in the ranking overall, including seven of the top 10.

1 Oxford University

3 Cambridge University

13 UCL

15 Edinburgh University

21 Imperial College London

27 Manchester University

37 King’s College London

41 LSE

45 University of Nottingham

Good to see Nottingham in there too.

4 thoughts on “Global Employability University Ranking

  1. I wonder the accuracy of the survey: taking into account that the first Spanish university in this ranking ( which scores #34 in the world!!!) is so new that its first class will graduate in 2013… it seems to me that the employability of those not-graduate students is wonderful!

    I think THE should think about it before using this ranking for anything…

    • Hi actually you are incorrect about IE University the business school is 30 years old and the university has changed its name but has been existing for a very long time. I imagine that recruiters here refer more to the business school which is vey renowned ( no 1 business school in Europe in most rankings)

      • Hi,
        No, I am not wrong. It is ‘Global Employability’ a ranking of universities or of ‘Bussiness Schools’? You can get information at :

        IE University was founded after Instituto de Empresa Ltd. acquired Universidad S.E.K., which had been founded in 1997 and was owned by the Educational Institution SEK. In 2004, the regulator approves the bylaws of the Universidad S.E.K. On November 30, 2006, it authorizes the partial sale of ownership of Universidad S.E.K. to the business firm Instituto de Empresa, S. L. (owner of the IE Business School). In 2007 it approves the modification of the bylaws of the Universidad S.E.K. In 2008 the name was changed from Universidad S.E.K. to IE University. IE university began operations in September 2009, and its first class will graduate in 2013.
        Since its creation –and not before– IE University has had three Rectors: Santiago Iñiguez (2008-2009), Juan Luis Martínez (2009-2010), and Salvador Carmona (2011-date).

        But…Yes, you are right: the recruiters probably refer to IE Bussines School… Anyway, it is not a surprise to know that recruiters are ‘aware’ of the history, since the main stakeholder (99%) is married with the president of the main recruitment company, which joints “The Netwok” so called ‘Global leader in online recruitment’… Don’t you think there is something ‘fishy’ here?

        However, I am not saying anything bad about IE University, despite it is funny to see that it doesnot appear in the main university rankings such ARWU, THE’s or QS. What I presume is that the ‘Global Employability’ ranking based on recruiter’s survey is clearly biased and, thus, results are probably unrealistic… I do not trust it!


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