Dead wood

Not very environmentally friendly

Back in April 2008 I planted a tree at Lenton Rec as a mark of the University’s sponsorship of the park. There was lots of other activity too as part of the support for Nottingham in Bloom.

The report on the event includes a comment from the University’s Off-Camous Student Affairs Manager, Melanie Futer:

“There is a lot of pride in the fact that the Recreation Ground is a Green Flag award-winning park and our hope is that by enhancing it still further we can encourage more people to use the park this summer and in the years to come,” said Melanie.

080417 filmed for posterity webpic

Me. Beside the tree (still alive at this point) [picture from the Parkviews blog ]

The Council was equally positive:

Councillor Malcolm Wood, Chair of the Nottingham in Bloom Working Group, said: “This new sponsorship will bring benefits specifically to the people of Lenton, who live alongside many of the University’s students and who enjoy the park all year round.”

A further comprehensive report on the event can be found on the Parkviews blog 

Lenton Rec is still sponsored by the University and heavily used by students. Whilst the rest of the park looks great, unfortunately, the tree did not prosper, despite my expert digging. That was the first, and I fear the last, time I’ve been asked to plant a tree.

It is an ex-tree. It has ceased to be.

Sorry about that everyone.

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