Landmark Post – The Very Best of True Crime on Campus

Holiday reading from the archive – it’s some of the best of #TrueCrimeOnCampus


For the 500th Registrarism Post: The Very Best of True Crime on Campus

Following the utterly objective poll to determine the topic for the landmark 500th Registrarism blog post I’ve used my own skill and judgement to select a range of the very best items from several years of True Crime on Campus. Just a reminder to latecomers though, these are real extracts from University of Nottingham Security reports. Whilst these are the amusing ones (to me at least) our excellent and extremely hard-working Security Team has to deal with a large number of difficult and challenging situations which really aren’t funny for anyone involved. It’s vital work, often unrecognised, and key to the effective functioning of the University and good campus life.

So, here it is, the Ultimate Collection or Now That’s What I Call True Crime on Campus:

21:10 It was reported that a group of Students…

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From 007 to Registrar

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Mobile students

Student mobility in and out of the UK The British Council has produced this nice graphic on student mobility in and out of the UK: This new interactive animation shows how the UK as a provider and host of internationally mobile students has evolved over recent years. From 2002 onwards differences in gender, age, level … Continue reading Mobile students

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League of Legends becomes a varsity sport Inside Higher Ed has a story about an Illinois university which has decided to make 'League of Legends' a varsity sport and award a number of scholarships to boot: In the latest blow to the nerd-jock distinction, an Illinois university has added video games to its varsity sports … Continue reading Video game scholarships

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Lyrical challenges at the University of Utah   Inside Higher Ed has a diverting piece on the changes being made to the University of Utah's 'fight song' to address some of the lyrical challenges of the original: The line “our coeds are the fairest” will be replaced with “our students are the finest” and the … Continue reading Singalonga Higher Ed

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Signs of the Times

Is university signage important for academic achievement? No. And I fear that this story rather overstates the significance of signage on university campuses. This piece was pointed out to me by Simon @GlobalHE (to whom many thanks) and covers the importance of signage in education. Whilst I really do want to take it seriously and … Continue reading Signs of the Times

Betting the farm

A very big gamble The Chronicle of Higher Education has an extraordinary piece about how one investment manager gambled away $13.1 Million of her university’s money: Over a series of three contracts, Ms. Prizevoits signed over more than $8-million of the 96-year-old university’s money in 2008 to a Florida-based company called Betts and Gambles Global … Continue reading Betting the farm

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The luxury gap

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Celebrating Student Success

We really do have an outstanding Students' Union A nice new website publicising the University of Nottingham Students' Union's successes over the past year and its centenary celebrations: For the last week of the semester, your officers decided it was time to celebrate the things we’d achieved. So, we launched our very first Celebration Week. … Continue reading Celebrating Student Success