About Registrarism

Comments on HE and related matters which might be of interest to those working in higher education. The comments though are largely based on spotting what other people are saying and on skimming Inside Higher Ed and the Chronicle.

The main themes seem to be generally around the areas of administration, students, management issues, international matters and league table stuff and nonsense. Oh, and don’t forget the massively popular True Crime on Campus series.

Also available via Twitter.

All observations welcome…

Please note though that, of course, the views expressed here are my own and in no way reflect the views of the University of Nottingham.

Paul Greatrix
(Registrarism – a daft word to describe this stuff)

Footnote: I’d like to claim it was an award-winning blog but, despite being shortlisted in the CIPR Education Journalism Awards in 2013…


…I didn’t win. But these things are really meant for proper journalists.

14 thoughts on “About Registrarism

  1. I think you need to publicize this a bit more. Not many people (that I know) look at the Registrar’s office website!

  2. I think you need to publicize this a bit more. I only stumbled upon it by accident. Not many of us look at the Registrar’s department website, you know…

  3. Following the first gathering of staff within the Registrar’s Department last month, this could be a really accessible forum to progress discussions on some of the themes staff raised.

    Indeed, to pick up one particular point which the majority of my colleagues share, “many of the limitations associated with past WLB [Work-Life Balance]initiatives can be overcome for APT&C staff in universities” (Doherty and Manfredi, 2006; p. 253). Perhaps this should give us some hope that flexible working might get off the ground?


    Doherty, L. and Manfredi, S. (2006). Action research to develop work-life balance in a UK university. Women in Management Review, 21 (3), 241-259.

  4. Jonathan – an entirely fair point. The notes from the April meeting will be on the Dept website soon and will hopefully prompt further discussion on this and other issues.


  5. I heard about your blog from a (somewhat aghast) APM colleague at a University function the other day …. and being a naturally curious academic, I simply had to look it up.

    Just wanted to say that I think its great initiative.. good on you!

    Could do with a few more pics though (for those souls amongst us who are visual learners!)

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