Impact of the Budget on higher education

Savings needed? No need to think about it, just cut the administration. John Denham has written to HEFCE on the impact of the Budget. This is a significant letter from the Secretary of State but it doesn't quite say what the Guardian is reporting. The paper's headline states: "Universities told to cut admin costs, not … Continue reading Impact of the Budget on higher education

New internships for graduates this summer

Government launches 'Graduate Talent Pool' which is intended to boost opportunities for graduates. A new dedicated website, which will match employers with suitable graduates will be launched over the summer, although interested organisations can register their interest in becoming part of the Graduate Talent Pool today online at Businesses that have already signed up … Continue reading New internships for graduates this summer

Recession beating idea: Shut a few universities

BBC report on a new think tank publication which proposes that weak universities 'should shut': Struggling universities should be allowed to close or be taken over by the private sector, says a think thank. Policy Exchange says that the government should accept the idea that universities could go out of business. Universities receive £8bn in … Continue reading Recession beating idea: Shut a few universities

Magical mystery tour? A new MA in the Beatles

Guardian carries some news about a new course at Liverpool Hope: The long and winding road to an MA in Beatles songs. Just the kind of stuff to get the IUSS Select Committee going: The masters degree in The Beatles, Popular Music and Society is being billed by Liverpool Hope University as the first such … Continue reading Magical mystery tour? A new MA in the Beatles

Listening to Students (not all of them though, obviously)

DIUS has developed its 'listening to students' approach with a new(ish) blog: Listening to Students Whilst very early days and not a lot of content yet it strikes me as a fair effort to find one route to engage. How diligent the Ministers will be in recording their conversations and the issues raised will be … Continue reading Listening to Students (not all of them though, obviously)

Debating the Future of Higher Education

via The Debate on the Future of Higher Education In a speech at the end of February, John Denham announced his intention to develop a framework for Higher Education over the next ten to fifteen years. He said: The world is evolving very quickly and we must be able to unlock British talent and support … Continue reading Debating the Future of Higher Education

Students “more satisfied than ever before”

According to the Times Higher Education analysis of the latest NSS data, students are more satisfied than they've ever been. For universities in England, students' overall satisfaction rate rose slightly from 81 per cent last year to 82 per cent, while satisfaction scores in six specific areas, including teaching, assessment and academic support, also all … Continue reading Students “more satisfied than ever before”

A new vision for HE?

A wide-ranging speech by the Minister, John Denham, seems to have been received in a rather low key way in the UK. It does get some coverage in the Guardian and the Chronicle is on the case. Denham looked to be indicating a fairly wide ranging review prior to the fees review next year: We … Continue reading A new vision for HE?

An education in drinking?

According to a recent story in The Times it is "Last orders for boozy freshers". THE days of new students being initiated into binge drinking at universities may be numbered. The government is considering plans to clamp down on “freshers’ weeks”, where students are encouraged to consume vast quantities of cheap alcohol. The prime minister … Continue reading An education in drinking?

Two Ministries better than one?

Mike Baker on the BBC website comments on the possibilities for a "messy divorce" following the break up of the DfES. All seems harmonious so far though, apart from a bit of confusion in the post-16 area. The role of the new Department which features "Universities" in its title, DIUS, is particularly of interest though: … Continue reading Two Ministries better than one?

Really really interest-ing

Writing about: Really interest-ing BBC just reported on 'Help for poor with tuition fees' More students from poorer families in England and Northern Ireland are to receive full grants for university, the government has said. Students whose families earn less than £25,000 a year will get a full grant - up from the present level … Continue reading Really really interest-ing

Really interest-ing

According to the Guardian the Government is about to raise the level of interest on student loans to commercial levels: The head of the newly formed Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills, John Denham, is set to make a big announcement on student support to the House of Commons today. The new minister's statement is … Continue reading Really interest-ing