The Imperfect University

Because universities are difficult, but worth it I've been doing this Registrarism blog for well over four years now and have become increasingly concerned that any vaguely original content tends to be somewhat crowded out by brief commentary on topical (or, more likely, slightly dated) higher education matters. I feel therefore that I need to … Continue reading The Imperfect University

WikiLeaks for Higher Education

Because you can never have too many distractions... The Chronicle of Higher Education has a report on the launch of "UniLeaks": WikiLeaks, scourge of governments worldwide, now has a copycat for academe. And the new group is itching to publish your university’s deepest secrets. Its Web site, UniLeaks, debuted this month with a pair of … Continue reading WikiLeaks for Higher Education

Visiting Zayed University

Just visited Zayed University (Abu Dhabi campus). Really impressive operation but only 10 years old. Part of hugely ambitious wider vision for development of HE in UAE and number of really interesting parallels with University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus in particular. A really good visit and extremely hospitable institution.