THOSE A level pictures

There is only one place to go for the A level pictures everyone expects, namely It’s Sexy A-Levels!:

A blog exploring the hypothesis that UK newspapers believe that only attractive girls in low cut tops do A-Levels.

It is truly entertaining. But there is one pic of a boy, reproduced here for a reminder of what the A level experience is like for a few:

 It is very much the silly season.


Mc A-Levels

According to the BBC, a McDonald’s ‘A-level’ is to be launched

Fast-food giant McDonald’s has become one of the first firms to offer its own nationally recognised qualifications. It will offer a “basic shift manager” course, training staff in skills such as human resources and marketing. The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority said the company had been approved to develop courses up to the equivalent of A-level standard. The QCA will also allow Network Rail and Flybe to award qualifications based on their workplace training schemes.

Takes the concept of ’employer engagement’ to a whole new level. Especially if you see this as a stepping stone to the over-literally monikered “Hamburger University”.

Is there a chance that some might possibly categorise this as one of those “soft A-levels” which were in the news recently?

BBC update on the involvement of Flybe – they will be offering study at degree level too it seems.