True crime on campus §12: Just another day

Yet more true crime on campus

This time it is a selection of reports from just one day at the University of Nottingham. Perhaps not an entirely typical day, there is something of an end of term feel about some of the events. Nevertheless, our terrific Security staff have to be ready to deal with just about everything…

13:45 Security asked a skateboarder to stop riding on Science Road between L2 and the Auditorium. He ignored the request and continued. Security then saw him coming out of the Chemistry building and asked him for his ID. Student provided details, he was told not to skateboard on the roads again.

15:15 Security provided access to Highfield Sports Ground for the air ambulance.

15:20 It was reported by the Cripps Hall Manager that there was a BBQ on the grass area that had not been authorised. Security attended and asked them to extinguish it. This was done immediately by the Students.

15:45 Security received a report regarding the parking at Cripps Hall. On investigation Security found cars parked on the grass and a group of Students having a party with a swimming pool and water slide. After talking to the group they said they had got permission from the hall porter to do this. The hall porter was contacted and permission was not given. Students removed the pool and slide.

19:25 Security were called to Maths and Physics car park to remove a clamp from a vehicle that had broken down. Clamp removed no further action.

21:10 It was reported that a group of Students had been seen in fancy dress complete with a baseball bat. Security located the Students in Ancaster Hall bar, Security approached the Student with the baseball bat and advised him it was not an ideal accessory for a night out. Student was told he could collect it in the morning from the Security Office. Student was apologetic and polite throughout.

21:45 It was reported that 25 drunk male students dressed as chickens were destroying the bar at Willoughby Hall. On arrival the Willoughby Hall tomb stone had been ripped up and lying in the middle of the road. The Students were outside and heading in the direction of Florence Boot Hall. On arrival the Students were refused entry, after some initial arguing they moved on in the direction of Cut Through Lane. They caused general disruption to the traffic flow stopping cars and the hopper bus. Due to the Students separating it was not possible to take names. They headed towards the Trent Building, Mooch bar were advised not to let them enter. The Students then headed towards the downs and not seen again.

22:40 Security were called to attend Derby Hall as a group of approximately 30 students were arguing. It was very heated and seemed to be getting out of hand. It appeared that third year students had entered the Hall and removed a fire extinguisher and caused havoc in the kitchen area. In response the first year students has been exceptionally aggressive and physical. All parties had different versions of the events. Security advised first year Students to return to their rooms and third years to leave the area. Within several minutes the area was clear. Warden informed.

23:00 It was reported to Security that a local resident had made a complaint about noise coming from Ancaster Hall. On arrival they found approximately 40 students leaving the hall shouting and singing. Security told them to quieten down which they did. Students were getting into taxis and onto coaches ready to leave the campus. No further action.