Ranking Systems Clearinghouse

A serious attempt to help us all make sense of all this difficult league table business.

The Institute for Higher Education Policy’s (IHEP) Ranking Systems Clearinghouse provides a road map of this complex rankings landscape, offering annotated links to these national and international ranking systems and to research about rankings world-wide. It is an outgrowth of ongoing international efforts by IHEP, UNESCO-European Centre for Higher Education (UNESCO-CEPES), and the International Rankings Expert Group (IREG) to make rankings transparent and applicable for current higher education dialogue and for all engaged in this work to learn from each others experience.

The Ranking Systems Clearinghouse which is part of the rather respectable-looking IHEP certainly seems to have comprehensive coverage of the international tables. Most valuable though are the references (as implied by the title) to a host of articles covering a wide range of rankings-related topics.

Really useful stuff.