Shall we dance? Collaborations, Alliances, Mergers

Or Snog, marry, avoid? More universities are working more closely together In one of its latest circulars (2012-21) HEFCE has published some new guidance on collaborations, alliances and mergers. It's interesting stuff and timely given the context: The pace of change in the HE sector is probably accelerating in many countries due to a number of … Continue reading Shall we dance? Collaborations, Alliances, Mergers

The Value of International University Networks

There are more than you might think... The July edition of the International Unit newsletter (which can be downloaded as a PDF here) has an interesting article on the value and power of international university networks. It identifies the following consortia as the main players: Academic Consortium 21 Association of Commonwealth Universities Coimbra Group Santander … Continue reading The Value of International University Networks

On Meaningful University Collaboration

Collaboration Theory and Practice There's an exciting new HEFCE report out on the lessons learned from collaborations, alliances and mergers. It has also resulted in an exciting new acronym, CAM. In these austere times it's good to know that we are still able to produce good acronyms. The report, available here, is also a consultation … Continue reading On Meaningful University Collaboration

Universities forging ‘strategic alliance’

More significant university collaborations Following the recent announcement about the collaboration between the University of Nottingham and the University of Birmingham there have been some interesting developments in Wales. WalesOnline carries a piece about a new 'strategic alliance' between Bangor and Aberystwyth: Bangor vice-chancellor Professor John Hughes said the university would continue to develop its … Continue reading Universities forging ‘strategic alliance’

More on ‘groundbreaking’ partnership

"Midlands mutuality breaks new ground" Excellent article in Times Higher Education about the new collaborative agreement between the University of Nottingham and the University of Birmingham Two competing Russell Group universities are launching a groundbreaking partnership that will feature joint academic appointments, research, degrees and overseas ventures. The universities of Birmingham and Nottingham, which collectively … Continue reading More on ‘groundbreaking’ partnership

Research universities should consider merging

Research universities should "consider merging" According to a report of a speech by Nigel Thrift, vice-chancellor of Warwick: The top 30 could merge, either with each other or with big American universities, and contemplate bringing in more private providers or collaborate together more formally. Foreign merger or takeover might solve chronic university underfunding, he said, … Continue reading Research universities should consider merging