True Crime on Campus §34: voodoo

New year true crime on campus

Some odd things can happen on campus. Fortunately, our unflappable Security staff are more than capable of responding to any situation:

010 Report of a group of youths on Jubilee Campus. The youths were spoken to by Security and told to leave Campus. The youths ran into Exchange Building and then off the Campus shouting and Swearing at the Officers.

0210 Report of a Conference Delegate lying on the ground adjacent to Cavendish Hall. Security attended the male was found to be so drunk he could not stand without assistance and was resident in Willoughby Hall. Security Officers took the delegate back to his Hall a further check on him was made later in the night to confirm he was well.

cherry picker

1520 A Patrol Security Officer observed a Cherry Picker being manoeuvred on the Science Site. The Officer watched as the Cherry Picker drove into a parked vehicle causing damage to the rear of the vehicle. The driver of the Cherry Picker was stopped and spoken to by the Officer. The owner of the vehicle a member of Staff was informed and attended. Both parties exchanged details.

1845 Security spoke to two youths who refused to leave Jubilee Campus. The youths are part of the larger group that has been causing issues on the Campus. The Police were called and on arrival they spoke to the youths and took them home to speak to their parents. Security are to follow up.

2028 Report of two suspicious males sitting on a vehicle adjacent to Newark Hall. Security attended and spoke to the males who were found to be students.

1740 Report of a suspicious male on Beeston Lane. Security attended and spoke to the male who was identified as a Conference Delegate.

1635 Report of a male on the roof of Trent Building. Security attended and spoke to the male who stated he was free running. The male was told to leave and not to go back on the building roof.

2030 Report of a Student with an injury to her hand in Hall. Security attended. The Student had bruised one of her fingers while “fooling around” with a friend.

0100 Report of a dispute between a Pizza delivery driver and a Taxi driver outside Willoughby Hall. Both Drivers stated that they had been sworn at by the other. Both drivers given advice.

Digital-clock-alarm1240 Report of an alarm clock sounding in a room in Hugh Stewart Hall. Security attended and turned the alarm off.

0010 Report of a disturbance at the Mooch. Security attended. It was reported that a group of Students had stolen a box of Cider from a Beer festival. Students who organised the festival had recovered the Cider but two of the group had been punched while recovering it. Security to follow up. Police not involved.

1545 The Porter of Willoughby Hall reported that a sofa was on the roof of the Porters Lodge and that Estates would remove tomorrow.

2315 A member of Staff from Starbucks cafe reported that they had left two grills on in the Cafe. Security entered Starbucks and turned the Grills off.

0255 Patrol Security Officers stopped two males who were running from Hugh Stewart Hall. The males were stopped by Cripps Hall. Officers stopped one of the males who is a guest of a Student staying in another Hall. The male had taken a tin of food from a student’s room in Hugh Stewart Hall. The Warden is to be informed.

1140 Report of a male by Highfields Lake with a Sword. Security attended. On arrival Officers spoke to a number of Students from a re-enactment Society and informed them of the concerns which had been raised. Students’ Union to be informed of Police request to be notified of any further such meetings in this area.

16:35 Security received a report of a cigarette bin on fire outside the entrance of Humanities. On arrival, the fire had been put out with water by a member of staff. The Helpdesk were already aware.

Vudu1510 A member of the public contacted Security to report that there was a Voodoo doll on the Headless Statue adjacent to Built Environment. The member of the public was concerned that Satanic Practices may affect Students. The person was given reassurance Officers attended the Statue and removed a doll with a pin through its head.

2245 Report of a dead body on the footpath adjacent to the Swimming Pool. Security and Police attended. On arrival a male was found to be drunk and unconscious. The male was woken up and spoken to. He confirmed his details and stated that he had been to a works party on Campus and had far too much to drink. This was confirmed by his line manager. The male was taken home for his own safety by the Police.

Guns on (US) Campuses

Should we be pleased? Students Oppose Concealed-Carry Gun Policy on Campuses

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a report on a new survey which suggests most students are against the idea of people being allowed to carry concealed guns on campus.

As state legislatures continue to debate whether to allow people to carry concealed firearms on college campuses, a survey shows that most students oppose the idea.

The survey, conducted by Ball State University, found that 78 percent of students at 15 Midwestern colleges were against the carrying of handguns on campuses and would not obtain a permit to do so if it were allowed.

welcome on campus?

welcome on campus?

A similar majority, nearly four in five students, said they would not feel safe if students, faculty members, and visitors were allowed to carry guns.

Bringing student voices into the debate over guns on campuses was part of what drove Jagdish Khubchandani, a professor of community health education at Ball State, to conduct the survey. “Most of our laws on campus in regards to guns do not really consider student perspectives,” he said. Now “the students have spoken.”

Most of the 1,649 undergraduates surveyed thought that allowing concealed weapons would increase the rate of suicide and homicide on campuses. Those who supported concealed carry, Mr. Khubchandani said, were far more likely to be male, to own a gun, to have been the victim of a crime, and to binge-drink.

Sixteen percent of respondents reported owning at least one gun, while half admitted that they didn’t know whether their university had a policy concerning firearms on the campus.

I’ve been reflecting on this for a few days now and I’m still finding it really quite difficult to process. I accept, reluctantly, that there are entirely different traditions in the USA and Europe about gun ownership and control which mean that the terms of the debate are different. However, we are talking about university campuses here. Places dedicated to education, knowledge creation, research and dissemination. Institutions where disputes are resolved through rational argument and debate rather than violence. And yet in this US survey, the students have spoken and barely 80% of students think carrying handguns is a bad idea. Only 80%! And 16% already have a gun themselves. I just find it very difficult to understand why the scale of objection is not larger given that we are talking about higher education. What is it that enables some students to reconcile a university environment with the ownership of a firearm?

True Crime on Campus §31: no dead ducks

It’s all new and all real: more true crime on campus

There can be some strange and often challenging incidents on campus sometimes. However, our outstanding Security staff are ready for anything and always there to deal with the problem- no matter how odd:

20:50 Security provided access for a student who was locked in the Hallward Library as the Library staff had gone home.

23:00 Security were called to a possible intruder into Flat at Sutton Bonington Campus. No damaged caused although TV was found in the oven and a sofa has been put on its side with various cleaning products scattered across the floor. All doors locked but a window was found propped open with a TV remote control.

18:50 Security attended a report of three youths throwing water balloons on the lakeside of the Trent Building who had ran off in the direction of Florence Boot Hall. On arrival there were no youths found.

cut finger1625 Report of a Student with a cut finger in the Opal Office Sutton Bonington Campus. Security attended – the Student was advised to attend the local NHS walk in centre.

2155 Report of Students being too loud while watching a Rugby Match in Hall. Security attended and asked the Students to keep the noise down.

0830 Report of the theft of a Motor Cycle from the EMCC car park. Security attended Police informed. Patrol Security Officers located the cycle hidden in bushes adjacent to Lenton and Wortley Hall. The Owner and Police have been informed.

1911 Request for Security to attend the Swimming Pool due to a possible dispute between a Swimming Coach and a parent. Security attended – no issues were reported.

1629 Report of two males with Dogs attempting to get the animal to fight each other at the rear of the Sir Colin Campbell Building. Security attended but on arrival the males had left the area.

1520 Report of a male attempting to steal seats from Pedal Cycles on Jubilee Campus. Security attended – the male had left the area. Security Officers are to follow up.

1640 Report of a couple having sex on Nightingale Field. Security attended, the area was checked but no one was found.

19:00 Security were made aware of smoke coming from behind Melton Hall, Jubilee Campus. On arrival it appeared to be coming from a garden – residents were burning their things in their garden. Police attended and stopped the residents.


1235 Report of a person trapped in the lift in Tower Building. Security attended. The person trapped was the lift engineer who had attended to repair the lift. A second engineer was able to rectify the fault.

1340 Report of a male strangling Ducks at the Jubilee Campus. Officers attended and spoke to the male who denied it. There was no evidence to confirm the report. The male was told to leave Campus.

1415 Report of a male urinating onto the rear of DHL Building. Security attended and spoke to the male. He stated that he needed he needed to urinate and the toilets in DHL were too dirty to use. The male was given advice and told not to do it again.

Lift symbol:

True Crime on Campus §30: Summer break?

Yet more true crime on campus.

Things can be difficult on campus sometimes. Even during the summer break there is still plenty to challenge our ever-alert security team. Especially when the weather is hot:

0740 Report that toilets in the Dearing Building had been blocked with newspaper Security attended. Estates Help Desk informed.

0115 Report of two residents with painful ankles following dancing in the Mooch bar. The residents asked if Security could take them back to the Hall in a Security vehicle both residents taken back to the Hall.

1645 Patrol Security Officers spoke to a large group of youths who were in the Fountain adjacent to the Humanities Building. The youths were asked to leave Campus Officers had to request the Police to attend before the youths left Campus.


1750 Report of children swimming in the fountain adjacent to the Humanities Building Security attended and asked the children to get out of the water and not to swim in there.

1950 Report from a member of Staff that they had dropped their keys down the lift shaft in the Sir Colin Campbell Building. Security attended and were able to recover the keys.

A duck (recovered)

A duck (recovered)

0756 Report of a duck with a broken leg at North Entrance to University Park Security Staff called the RSPCA who stated that as the duck could fly they would not attend.

1832 Report of a bottle of water being thrown from a vehicle driving the wrong way down Cut Through Lane. Security attended the vehicle has been identified Officers are to follow up.

1720 Report of a Conference Delegate with stomach pain. Security and an Ambulance attended.

0134 Request for an Ambulance to Abbey house as one of the occupants was giving birth.

0150 Complaint of noise in Sherwood Hall. Security attended – the noise was Delegates returning to their rooms. No action taken by Officers.

0245 Complaint of noise outside Melton Hall. Security attended and spoke to a group of people outside the Hall and asked them to keep the noise down.

1410 Report of a wasps nest in the Sports and Social Club. Mitie called out.

1430 Patrol Security Officers spoke to three males who were fishing in the Lake at the Jubilee Campus. Officers explained that there is no fishing allowed on the Campus and asked the males to leave.

1641 Patrol Security Officers asked a group of people who were in the Lake at Jubilee Campus to get out and leave the Campus.

1730 Patrol Security Officers asked a group of people who were in the Lake at Jubilee Campus to get out and leave the Campus.

2120 Patrol Security Officers asked a group of youths to leave Jubilee Camus who were playing football close to buildings.


1220 Patrol Security observed a small child on a tricycle fall into the Lake at Jubilee Campus. The child’s Grandfather got the child out and the Officer was able to get the child’s cycle out of the water. The child was unhurt, just wet. They were taken home by the Grand parent.

1950 Request from resident regarding birds in his chimney. Security attended and the bird – a Jackdaw – was apprehended by Officers. The Jackdaw was released by Officers after being removed from the House. At the request of the occupant Contractors were called out to board up the fireplace.

0905 Report that Conference Delegates in Newark Hall had items stolen from their rooms. Security attended – it was discovered that the Delegates were on the wrong floor of the Hall. All items were safe in their rooms.

2354 Intruder alarm Hallward Library. Cause of activation due to a bat having flown into the area. Security attended. Officers were able to get the bat to leave the Building.

True Crime on Campus §29: Bins and Quidditch

More unlikely but true crime on campus

There can be some testing incidents on campus sometimes. However, our excellent Security staff are usually up for any kind of challenge – no matter how strange:

2020 Report of a damaged window Hugh Stewart Hall Security attended. The damage had been caused by Students climbing out of a window the Hall Warden and Manager to be informed.

0540 Request to unlock Cavendish Hall for Staff as the person responsible for this had misplaced their car keys and would be late arriving to unlock. Security attended and provided access to Staff.

19:00 Security reported a group of youths on BMX bicycles between the Geospatial building and the Energy Technology building at Jubilee Campus. The youths were asked to leave and they complied. It was also reported that two wooden platforms were in position which appeared to be for use of bicycle tricks. The wooden platforms were overturned by Security to prevent them from being used for this.

11:00 Security accompanied a member of staff to a room at Nottingham Medical School to retrieve his confidential paperwork. The paperwork was found in the place that he had left it and the room was secured.

1145 Patrol Security Officers observed a cloud of red smoke outside the Portland Building. Officers went to investigate and watched as a cash in transit Guard ran up out of the building to his vehicle with a cash box with red smoke coming from it. Security Officers spoke to Staff in the area and were informed that the Guard had been collecting money from the Building when the box had activated causing the Guard to run from the Building.

1550 Patrol Security Officers observed a bin on fire outside the Humanities Building. The cause of the fire was due to a disposable BBQ being put in the bin while still burning. Officers put the fire out – Estates Help Desk to be informed.

Picture fire

1525 Report of a cigarette bin on fire outside Si Yuan Building. Security attended and put the fire out.

0645 Report of male acting suspiciously on Jubilee Avenue. Security attended.

0945 Report of a Dog running loose on Beeston Lane. Security attended.

1200 Report of a male hiding in bushes. Security attended and spoke to the male. As he had no connection to the University and had been drinking he was told to leave the Campus.

1425 Report of an HGV broken down on the roundabout outside of West Entrance. Police on scene. Security attended to assist with traffic control coming onto Campus.

1830 Report of brown water coming out of the taps at College Road. Security contacted Severn Trent who advised the Tenant to run the taps for 20 minutes after which the water became clear.

1332 Report of a dog running loose on the grassed area adjacent to DHL. Security attended and an Officer caught the dog but the Council were unable to collect the Dog until Monday. The Officer who caught the Dog decided to take the animal home until it could be collected by the Council.

Very dangerous indeed

Very dangerous indeed

1225 Report of a person with a suspected broken ankle on the Downs. Security attended. While dealing with the injured person another person fell injuring their ankle. Both Students were taken to Hospital by Ambulance. Both Students were injured while playing Quidditch.

Crime Data in the USA

University fined for misreporting crime data.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a piece about the University of Texas at Arlington being fined for improperly classifying and reporting a number of crimes which took place on its campus:

For misclassifying crimes and underreporting disciplinary actions, the U.S. Department of Education has fined the University of Texas at Arlington $82,500, a penalty the institution is appealing.

The department imposed the fine last month under the federal campus-crime reporting law known as the Clery Act, each violation of which can cost an institution $27,500. According to a review by the department in 2011, the Arlington campus had improperly classified a forcible sex offense as an assault and an aggravated assault as an assault of a family member. Both crimes occurred in 2008.


Also that year, the department found, the university excluded 27 liquor, drug, and weapons violations—classified as “disciplinary actions”—from crime statistics that by law must be submitted to federal officials and distributed publicly each year. On that count, the department imposed a third $27,500 fine.

Similar fines have just been levied against Yale:

Yale failed to report a total of four forcible sex offenses in its campus crime statistics for 2001 and 2002, according to an April 19 letter from Mary E. Gust, director of administrative actions and appeals service group at the DOE. As a result, the department is fining the university $27,500 for each offense, the letter said. The Connecticut Ivy League university also received a $27,500 fine for failing to include seven required policy statements in its annual crime reports, and another $27,500 for not including crime statistics from Yale-New Haven Hospital in its annual campus crime data.

It always surprises me that there is such a strict federal requirement on crime reporting at US universities. Given the potentially negative consequences though it is perhaps hardly surprising that there are occasional errors in classification. And the crimes on US campuses do tend to be significantly worse than those here, especially given the availability of guns at some institutions (as noted in this previous post).

How long before HESA start collecting this data in the UK?

True Crime on Campus §28: gas!

More true crime on campus:

Strange things continue to happen on campus. Our Security staff always respond professionally, even when faced with rude taxi drivers and distressed waterfowl. Not to mention possible gas leaks.

07:50 Security Patrol stopped a taxi who was driving the wrong way up Cut Through Lane and on speaking stopping the vehicle the Officer was subjected to rudeness from the driver.

20:00 Security attended a report that a tap would not switch off in the Humanities building. On arrival it was established that this was the hot water tap. Security therefore isolated the hot water supply. The helpdesk have been informed.


A swan? Go on!

1720 Report of a distressed swan in the Road adjacent to Melton Hall Security attended and moved the swan onto the grassed area. The swan appeared to be uninjured and was eating the grass. Officers checked later on the Swan it had left the area.

1309 Report of two children throwing eggs at Melton Hall Security attended the children ran from the Campus.

1330 Patrol Security Officers contacted Grounds Staff after a University Shuttle Bus spilled Oil on Cut Through Lane before breaking down on Beeston Lane.

2315 Report of the theft of underwear from the Laundry in Newark Hall. Security attended, Police informed.

1630 Fire alarm in Hall – cause of activation was found to be burnt food in a microwave causing a large amount of smoke to fill the area where the microwave was situated. Security attended, the area was vented and the Microwave unplugged. A student admitted causing the incident and will be reported to the Warden.

2015 Request for assistance for a person who was locked in the Fitness Centre, University Park. The person stated that they had been using the Centre and when they finished the Staff had locked the building and left.

gas-taps17:15 Security received a report of the smell of gas from a lab in the Nottingham Medical School. On arrival the staff informed Security that this was a regular occurrence when the gas taps were used. The room was vented by opening windows and the smell subsided. Security advised staff not to use the gas taps in the room until these had been fixed or replaced. No further action by Security.

15:20 Security reported two youths with a large dog outside the Exchange building jumping on the bike shield covers. Security informed the youths that their behaviour was unacceptable and asked them to leave. The youths were abusive towards Security but did leave the Campus.

08:51 Security received a fire alarm activation from Computer Science for a room that did not exist. The Porter has reported this problem and the Helpdesk informed. The building was checked and the alarm panel was reset.

True Crime on Campus §27: happy new year

More true crime on campus: new year, new incidents.

Whilst it might have been a bit quieter over the festive period there is always something going on to test our always busy Security team:

1135 Report of a spillage of vegetable oil outside Portland Building Security attended and taped the area off to ensure that no one slipped in the oil.

0233 Report of a student with an injury to her ankle in Hall. Security attended the student had been running in high heels and slipped over in the City Centre. As a precaution the Student was taken to the QMC. The Warden is to be informed.

13:50 Security were called to the Trent Building as a staff member reported two parts missing from a coffee machine. Security to follow up.

04:50 Security assistance requested by Hall Tutor as 3 students had removed the furniture from their rooms and built rooms outside. Hall Warden informed

0345 Security received a complaint from a Med Link Delegate in Hall complaining that they were too hot in their room. Security attended and turned the radiator down and moved the bed away from the radiator.

1840 Report of Two Students 45 feet up a tree on the Downs. Security attended the areas was checked no sign of students up trees.

2140 Report of a “smelly blower “at DLRC. Security attended. The hot air curtain at the entrance to the building was thought to smelling. Officers could not detect any issue with it.

1705 Report that a person had fallen over adjacent to the Maths Building. Security attended. The person was a four year child who was with their parent. The parent refused any advice from the Officers and left.

1207 Security Officers observed a Hopper Bus drive across a Pedestrian crossing on Keighton Hill whilst pedestrians were using it – some of them had to jump out of the way. Officers followed the Bus until it stopped on Beeston lane. Officers then spoke to the driver who stated he did not see the pedestrians.

2316 Report that a Tutor had been Rugby tackled by a student outside the Hall. The Student was part of the American Football team who were having a Social event. Details of two of the group have been taken and will be passed onto the Warden.
1030 Report of the lift not working with a person trapped in Portland Building. The Building Attendant and Security Officers attended. The button was pushed which started the lift working and released the person.

Real Crime in the USA

An unhappy league table

This really is true crime on campus. Business Insider has produced a report on what it describes as the “Most Dangerous Colleges In America”. Drawing on FBI data, the piece produces a league table of the worst affected institutions in terms of crime. It makes grim reading. However, the results are contested by some of the institutions named who observe not only that some of the crimes happen in areas nearby their campuses and not on them but also that the reporting of crime is something that they encourage in order to improve detection and clear up. In other words, the development of a league table is not helpful or fair. The report notes:

The FBI’s Unified Crime Report identified 2,696 violent crime incidents and 87,160 property crime incidents on college campuses in 2011. This is a controversial report due to, among other reasons, how some colleges include data on non-campus areas. Nonetheless, the FBI considers it a valid way to “shed light on crime in schools, colleges, and universities.”

To put the data in context, we ranked the most dangerous colleges. We averaged crime data per capita from 2008 to 2011 for schools with enrollment over 10,000. Schools were ranked based on a combination of violent crime rank and property crime rank, with violent crime weighted four times higher

I won’t list the institutions here but I do think the data shows a huge difference in the nature of crime on campuses in the UK and the USA.

True Crime on Campus §25: Cowabunga

More true crime on campus:

Things can get pretty tricky on campus sometimes. However, our outstanding Security staff are usually up for any kind of challenge – no matter how bizarre:

0030 Report of a person being let into Hall via Fire Escape door. Security attended and the area was searched – the person could not be located. Another male was located asleep in a corridor who was not a resident of the Hall – the male is a Student who lives off Campus. He was asked to make his way home.

1140 Report of leaflets having been strewn around the corridors of Willoughby Hall and Trent Building Quad.

14.08.12 A Security Officer who lives in a University rented house at Highfields Sports Centre arrived home on the 13.08.12 to find that a bungalow that is being built adjacent to the rented property had been damaged by the Air Ambulance helicopter hovering over it causing part of the newly built walls to collapse. Details to Estates. Contractor is following up with Notts/Lincs Ambulance.

A collapsed wall really not at all similar to the ones in question

1345 Report of two males placing bags with Penalty Charge Notice on them on vehicles parked on University Park. Inside the bags is an advertisement for a party in Watford. The bags are similar in colour to those used by Security Officers. These bags however have left marks on windscreens which is difficult to remove. Security are to follow up.

0210 Report of a Student having vomited due to excessive drinking. Security attended the Student was found to be in bed asleep.

0900 Report of a Dog in a vehicle parked in Trent East Car Park. Security Officers attended – the windows of the vehicle were down slightly and there was food and water for the dog in the vehicle. The owner was spoken to she decided to take the dog home.

0045 Report of a Student lying in Bushes adjacent to Hall Security attended.

13:33 Security received a phone call from a worried parent that two 12 year old girls had gone missing. Security Officers searched the area where they were last seen and found them outside of the DHL Building. Security notified the parent and then stayed with the girls until the parent arrived.

2030 Security took a Student to the QMC for treatment to his ankle. The Student had injured himself a week before but the pain had increased during the day. The Student is a resident of Florence Boot Hall the Hall Warden to be informed.

11:30 Security removed a publicity sign from the bottom of Portland Hill advertising the Fun Fair being held at Highfields Park. The sign was returned to the owners and they were advised that they cannot advertise on University property.

16:40 Security attended a request for a first aider on Jubilee Campus. A temporary member of staff had spilt a hot cup of coffee over her torso causing a burn. First Aid was administered and she declined any further assistance. Accident report sent to Safety Office.

0050 Security stopped a Student regarding a broken window. The Student admitted being part of a group that had broken the window. Warden to be informed – Long Eaton Glass called out.

1050 Report of a male dressed in pyjamas in Nottingham Medical School. Security attended and spoke to the male. The male stated that he was waiting for a Taxi. He then walked around the Building towards the Main Entrance. Hospital Security informed.

1205 Report of a blocked and flooded toilet in Pope Building. Security attended. On arrival Officers discovered a urinal had been blocked with paper. Officer cleared the paper and cleaned the floor returning the toilets to normal use.

Aren’t we supposed to be the good guys?

0048 Report of a person dressed in green, possibly a Ninja Turtle, in Portland Building attempting to gain entry to the Portland Cafe. Security attended. The cafe doors had been forced open but at present it is not clear if anything had been stolen. Security are to follow up.

True Crime on Campus §24: Hide and Seek

More true crime on campus: bet you can’t find me

Bizarre things can happen on campus. Fortunately, our excellent Security staff are more than able to cope with just about anything. Even when it involves students hiding from them:

1230 Report of a Contractor working at a Hall had closed the boot of their own vehicle and struck themselves on the head causing a small cut to their head. Security attended – the Hall Manager is to complete the on line accident form.

2030 Report that a student had banged his head on a door frame in Hall. Security attended and checked the student. The student had a mark on his head. The Hall Staff completed an Accident form.

1849 Report of two students using a deodorant spray to set off the fire alarm in Hall. Both students were spoken to and told that they would be reported to the Hall Warden.

0300 Report of a student naked and trying to vomit in their shower in Ancaster Hall. The Hall Tutor requested that Security to help get the student out of the shower as he was cold and naked.

2020 Patrol Security Officers stopped a male who was kicking and moving cones in Trent Building Quad. The male was very abusive and would not stop swearing at Officers. The male who had no connection to the University identified himself as a serving solider. Given the level of abuse Security Management will be contacting the Army.

18:00 While shutting the windows in room A42 Sir Clive Granger building the blinds fell down in one of the windows. Help desk informed.

1930 Report that a Professor had contacted the QMC Security stating he thought he had left a portable heater on in his Office. QMC Security did not have access to the area University Security attended and also could not access the area. As QMC Security had not taken a contact number for the Professor there was no way to contact him. Security Officers monitored the area during the night and are to follow up today. The Office was within the Hospital and not part of the Medical School.

1000 Report of a student with an injury to their ankle. Security attended and took the student to Cripps Health Centre. The injury was caused according to the student by her stepping funny.

14:40 Security attended the Atrium on Jubilee Campus after receiving a report from a member of staff that several youths were causing a nuisance by running in and out of the building. The youths complied when asked to leave the Campus.

0415 Report of a male sleeping in a computer room in the Trent Building. Security attended. The male was a student who had fallen asleep while working. The student made his way home.

2010 Report of a large number of students running around the Trent Building. Security Officers attended. The students explained that they were playing hide and seek. The Hide and Seek Society President was found by Officers and spoken to. Officers conducted a search of the building and located all the other hiding students. I understand that Officers declined their turn to go and hide.

True Crime on Campus §23: the ultimate discovery

More true crime on campus:

Our Security staff discover the strangest things happening on campus. Fortunately, they are generally unflappable and respond pragmatically to every challenge. Even when presented with the ultimate answer:

16:34 Security received a report from a member of staff that a person unknown was looking at the lead on the roof of the DHL. Security to follow up.

23:35 Security discovered a conference delegate sleeping in his car on Jubilee Campus near the Business School North. Security advised he went to see the porter to get a room but he insisted he stayed in his car.

1645 Report that an unknown male had got himself wedged in the revolving door at the Portland Building. One of the glass panels in the door was over flexed causing it to shatter. Security attended but the male had left the area without waiting to be spoken to. Help Desk informed.

0910 Residents of the BASF House contacted Security as they were concerned about a BEKO Fridge that was in the house given the recent issues with some of these products. Security attended and checked the serial numbers and confirmed that the one in the house was not one that was of concern.

2100 Report of a male in a van looking in skips at the Halls of Residence. Security attended – the male was spoken to and told to leave Campus.

00:45 While on patrol Security noticed two males fishing on the far side of the Djanogly Learning Centre on Jubilee Campus. Security pointed out that there were signs stating ‘No Fishing’. They agreed to leave Campus and stated that did not keep any fish they had caught and put them back.

15:44 Security received a report from a member of the public that they could hear screaming from the new build along Beeston Lane by the Sports Centre. Security attended, checked the area and questioned the builders but nothing was found.

1625 Patrol Security stopped a student riding a motorcycle without a Helmet on Cut Through Lane. The rider was spoken to and told that he would be reported for the offence. The rider stated he forgot to put the helmet on.

0600 Patrol Security discovered two horses from the fields at the rear of the Vet School loose on Lancroft Lane. Security put the horses back into the fields. Security are to speak to the Vet School re this.

2310 Conference Delegates contacted Security from Sherwood Hall to say they were too hot. Delegates were advised to open their windows.

1330 Report of a suspicious package in Lenton and Wortley Hall. Security attended – the package was found to contain herbs to aid sleep.

0755, 1323 A male contacted the Security Control room stating that he had discovered the meaning of life and urgently needed to speak to a Professor in Physics. After discussing the matter at length with Security the person’s details have been passed onto the Police to carry out a welfare check.

True Crime on Campus §22: Surprise, surprise

More true crime on campus: some surprising occurrences 

Surprising things can happen on campus. Fortunately, it’s hard to catch our ever-vigilant Security team unawares…

07:15 Security received a report of a delivery driver stuck in the car park barriers at EMCC. Security attended and resolved the matter.

0500 Patrol Security spoke to an Ambulance crew outside Derby Hall. They had been called to a Student who had injured themselves while sleeping. Officers were not able to obtain further details as to the injury the Warden is to be informed.

02:30 Security at Sutton Bonington reported that there was a small group of sheep that were on the loose along the road near Future Crops. Other staff members assisted with rounding the sheep together.

1115 Report of a male sleeping in a corridor of Cripps Hall. Security attended and spoke to the male who was a guest of a student in the Hall. The guest was taken back to his friend’s room.

1515 Report that a student had cut his lip while rehearsing for a play in the Portland Building. Security attended and advised the Student to attended A+E. The Building Attendant is to complete an Accident form.

1735 Report of people conducting a survey allegedly for the City Council in Newark Hall Security attended and spoke to those carrying out the survey. They were asked to leave. A copy of the information from these people has been e-mailed to managers with an interest in this type of activity.

2350 Patrol Security Officers discovered a very happy drunk in a wheelie bin at the rear of the Maths Building. The male was eventually found to be staying with his girlfriend in Derby Hall. The male was returned to his girlfriend who was relieved to see him safe and well apart from being very drunk.

0450 Report of a group of students drinking beer and playing loud music in the Hallward Library. University Security attended and spoke to the students. They were asked to turn the music off and stop drinking beer. Library Staff to be informed.

1520 Report that a vehicle had rolled into two other vehicles in the Main Visitors car park. Security attended details of those involved were taken and exchanged. The driver of the vehicle whose vehicle caused the damage will be reported to the Head of Security for failing to apply the handbrake.

1420 Report of a person seen climbing through a window at Derby Hall. Security attended the person concerned was spoken to by Security. The person was identified as a student resident in the Hall who had forgotten his room key he has been given advice.

2100 Patrol Security discovered a male in a toilet in the Sir Colin Campbell Building. The male had no connection to the University and he was told to leave the Campus.

0100 Report that damage had been done in a kitchen in Normanton House Sutton Bonington. The person concerned was dressed as a Tiger and after throwing food and smashing some plates left before they could be identified.

True Crime on Campus §21: the naked truth

More true crime on campus

Strange things can happen on campus. Some of them involving people who seem reluctant to keep their clothes on. Fortunately, our indefatigable Security staff are more than capable of responding to all kinds of events:

23:05 Security attended a report of a male in Portland Building, carrying a rucksack and emptying cash machines. On investigation the male was a staff member of G4S and was repairing the machine.

1730 Report that a Student had been seen in the early hours exposing himself and then running around Ancaster Hall with a handful of paper on fire. Security are following up.

04:40 Security received a report from a concerned mother regarding her daughter; a student resident in Cavendish Hall who was suffering from chest pains. Security had to wait for the student to return as she was in Tesco buying mints. On arrival the Security contacted the NHS Direct line and handed the phone over to the student to describe the symptoms. Security advised the student to call back if the symptoms got worse.

00:10 Security attended a report of a student who had seen a bat at Ancaster Hall. On arrival Security could not identify a bat.

22:15 Security received a report of a group of female students running around with knives in Sherwood Hall. On arrival the building attendant identified the six female students. It was established that one of the female students had used a butter knife to remove several room numbers from inside the Hall. The Deputy Hall Warden was present and informed the group of students that disciplinary action would follow. Hall Warden informed.

22:35 The Hall Warden at Lenton and Wortley Hall informed Security that three students were running around in their underwear. Security made them aware that this was unacceptable. Security to follow up.

2100 Security Officers were requested to a disturbance in the Sir Clive Granger Building. On arrival two Student Societies were having a disagreement about a room booking. The Security Officers report has been forwarded to the Director of Student Operations and Support.

18:50 Security received a report of three nude males running through the lodges and down Beeston Lane towards West Entrance. A further report was received of three females in their underwear walking up Jubilee Avenue. On arrival Security stopped the three females and transported them back to Willoughby Hall, where the remaining three males were spotted at the back of the Hall. The porter identified all of the students and Security warned them of the stupidity of their actions. Details to Hall Warden. Security to follow up.

0415 Patrol Security Officers observed a torch being used in Woodland adjacent to Highfield Lake. Officers entered the wooded area and two males were seen to run from the area. Officers discovered that the males had been attempting to light a fire in the wood.

1358 Report that a male was filming cheerleaders who were on the Sports Centre Field getting ready to take photographs for a calendar. The cheerleaders were changing from one outfit to another and exposing themselves in the process. The male was in a vehicle in the Sports Centre car park with a hand held camcorder in one hand… Security attended and the male was detained. Police were called and arrested the male. The cheerleaders have been told that they should use the changing rooms if they wish to change. Security will be following up on this arrest with the Police.

True Crime on Campus §20: accidents will happen

More true crime on campus: accidents happen, sometimes intentionally

Accidents can happen on campus. Fortunately, our Security staff are more than capable of responding to all kinds of events. Even when some of them really aren’t accidental at all:

0250 Report of a broken window at Sherwood Hall. Security attended: the window had been broken by persons unknown throwing a traffic cone through the window. Long Eaton Glass called out.

0050 Patrol Security Officers observed an Ambulance parked on Cherry Tree Hill. The Ambulance crew were treating a student who was believed to have a broken arm which was sustained when he fell out of a tree on Cherry Tree Hill.

2300 Request from Swimming Pool Staff for an Ambulance as a swimmer had been hit by a canoe. Security and Ambulance attended.

0330 Patrol Security stopped three students who were carrying gas cylinders on Beeston Lane. The cylinders were taken from the students.

1337 Report that a member of Estates had observed a male carrying a pedal cycle on Science Road which was secured with a D Lock. The member of Estates stopped the male and questioned him. The cycle was taken from the male and handed over to Security Staff. The male walked off Campus without the cycle. The cycle has been returned to its owner, a student, with advice on how to secure a pedal cycle. The Police have been informed and Security Staff are reviewing the CCTV.

1100 Report from the Police that a student had been stabbed on Campus. Security met with the Police and following information provided by the Police entry to a student’s room in Hugh Stewart Hall was made. The student who had contacted the Police was in bed asleep. He was woken and spoken to by the Police and Security and the student stated that he had not been stabbed but had been drinking heavily the night before. Head of Security and the Hall Warden are to be informed. The Police left after speaking to the student.

0305 Report that a Conference Delegate had cut himself shaving and required First Aid. Security attended and provided First Aid. The Delegate did not require further medical attention.

1615 Patrol Security observed that a student’s window at Derby Hall had a picture of a penis drawn on it with an obscene caption under it. The student was not in his room but a message was left for him to clean the window. The Warden is to be informed.
0335 Report that a female student had banged her head on a tree while walking by the Lakeside. The student had suffered blurred vision and was complaining of a headache. Security Officers took the student to the QMC to be checked out.
21:30 Security were called to Cavendish Hall as a student had injured their foot. He had dropped a cup on his left foot and cut it. Wound cleaned and plaster applied by Security. Student was able to walk and he was advised to call Security if there were any other problems.
13:30 A returning student living in Ancaster Hall reported that belongings from his room had been moved, including his mattress and duvet. The student informed us that it could be a prank from other students in his Hall. Security to follow up.

1730 Report that a male had thrown a child into Highfield Lake – Security attended. On arrival a child was found with a cut to his leg and was also covered in nettle stings from being grabbed and thrown into the lake. The person responsible had left the area when Security arrived. The Police were informed. Further information is that the child had a large water gun and had sprayed it into a boat full of people. One of the people in the boat got off and threw the child into the Lake. The child was left with his parent.