True Crime on Campus §19: a bit “wonky”

More true crime on campus

It’s business as usual for our ever-vigilant and attentive Security Team:

1445 Report of a suspicious package outside the DLRC Security attended. The package belonged to a Student who was playing a prank on a friend of his. Security Officers have given the Student some advice.

2105 Report of a male lying on the ground near to the Lodges on Beeston Lane. Security attended on arrival the male was sitting up. He stated that he was a member of staff but had felt a bit “wonky” after attending a formal event at a Hall of Residence. Security took the male home as he was still unsteady on his feet.

16:30 Security received a report to call for a plumber to room A13 at the Clinical Science Building at the City Hospital due to a slow drip from a pipe. A bucket was placed underneath the leak. Helpdesk informed.

0045 Patrol Security observed a male attempting to enter Derby Hall via an open window. The person was stopped by Security Officers and identified as a student who lives in the Hall but had forgotten his room key.

20:45 Security were called to Triumph Road to investigate a missing barrier. It was reported that a group of people were using it to jump over. Security removed barrier and placed in the Dearing Building.

1910 Security were requested to provide two batteries for the door bell to Hugh Stewart House by the Hall Porter of Hugh Stewart Hall Security attended.

12:05 Security received a phone call from the Warden at a Hall as a cleaner had found four cannabis plants growing in pots in the shower. Lights and other items associated with growing cannabis were also found. All items removed, Security to follow up and Police informed.

12:30 Security were called to the Trent Building, lower ground floor near the Great Hall as a Student had reported a male in the female shower. On arrival Security witnessed one male and one female exiting the room together.

22:15 Security were called to Sherwood Hall as someone was in the bar with a bag of ten swords. The student claimed that they were used in traditional English dance and he brought them onto Campus to promote this. Security removed swords as they could be used as weapons. Warden informed. Security to follow up.

22:35 The Hall Warden at Lenton and Wortley Hall informed Security that three students were running around in their underwear. Security made them aware that this was unacceptable. Security to follow up.

0045 Report of a male lying unconscious in a female toilet in the Hallward Library. University Security attended the Student was woken up and found to be very drunk. The Student thought the toilets were his room in his Hall of Residence. Security escorted the Student out of the Library where he was able to make his way back to his Hall.

1330 Report that a 4 year old child had been found on the Boulevard adjacent to the Tennis Centre. Security attended and spoke to the child. The child was asked where their parents were the child pointed to the DHL Pavilion. Security took the child to the Pavilion where the mother was identified. The mother was eating a meal. She did not thank Security for removing the child from the side of the road or returning the child to her. She told the child not to do it again and continued eating her meal.

0500 Patrol Security spoke to an Ambulance crew outside Derby Hall. They had been called to a student who had injured themselves while sleeping. Officers were not able to obtain further details as to the injury. The Warden is to be informed.

0250 Patrol Security Officers observed two students riding pedal cycles on Beeston Lane without lights the pair were also weaving all over the roadway. Security Officers stopped the students both of whom were drunk and the cycles they were on did not belong to them. The cycles were taken from them and they were informed that they would be reported to the Head of Security.


True Crime on Campus §16: A series of unfortunate events

More true crime on campus: where stuff happens

Unfortunate things can happen on campus. Fortunately, our unflappable Security staff are more than capable of responding to all kinds of events:

1215 Report that a pedal cyclist had fallen from his cycle outside the Pharmacy Building. Security attended. The student had been attempting to jump his cycle over the kerb when he fell off. The student suffered cuts and bruises and was taken to Hospital to be checked.

2315 Report of a student trapped in his room in Kingston House Sutton Bonington. Security attended and released the student who was advised to contact Opal staff for a permanent repair to be made.

1258 Report that a cyclist had ridden into the exit barrier of South Entrance. The barrier was broken off as the cyclist rode through and fell off his cycle. The cause of the collision was due to the cyclist not slowing down and allowing the barrier time to rise up and out of the way.

2340 Security were called to Nightingale Hall where a visitor had arrived to see her friend who was supposed to be a student at this University. Security attended and after speaking the visitor and checks made on our Student database plus further checks with Trent University it was found that the visitor was at the wrong University. The visitor had also lost her all of her belongings on the train to Nottingham and had no way of getting to her friend’s accommodation. The Security Supervisor took her in a Security vehicle.

19:32 Security were informed by Willoughby Hall Deputy Warden that a student required first aid as they had run into a fire door on D Floor at Willoughby Hall. Student went to hospital in a taxi with a friend. There was damage to the glass panel, Long Eaton Glass called out.


2245 Report of the lift not working Willoughby Hall. Security attended. Morris Vermaport called out. Due to there being 10 people stuck in the lift the Fire Service were requested to attend and they removed the occupants from the lift.

1000 Report that a window had fallen out of its frame in Hugh Stewart Hall Security attended contractor called out.

1030 Report of the lift not working with a person trapped in Portland Building. The Building Attendant and Security Officers attended. The button was pushed which started the lift working and released the person.

11:50 Security attended a report from 5 students that their belongings, which had been put under a bush whilst they played football on Florence Boot Field, had been stolen. Police informed and Security to follow up.

14:45 Security Control received a telephone call from a concerned relative that a student was stuck in a toilet in the Trent Building. A search was conducted but nobody was found. At 17:48 Trent received a telephone call from Ancaster Hall that the student had been found and the relatives have been informed.

17:15 Security attended a request to remove a padlock from a cycle as the student had lost her key.

22:39 Security Control received a call that there was an umbrella on fire in the Quad at Lenton Hall and the Porter was dealing with it. Security did not attend.

02:00 Security attended a report of broken glass in a door at Cavendish Hall caused by a student who was play fighting with a third party. Long Eaton Glass called out and details to Hall Warden.

Animal magic: True crime on campus §14

More true crime on campus

Not all of the challenges faced by our ever-vigilant Security team are down to people. Some involve animals of one kind or another (albeit sometimes with human involvement):

2020 Report of a bird in the Graduate School. Security attended but the bird could not be found.

1800 Report of dogs running loose at the rear of Abbey House. Security attended.

1330 Patrol Security Officer stopped a couple who were walking through Jubilee Campus with a Bull Terrier dog off its lead. The Officers asked them to put the dog on a lead which they complied with.

22:30 Security were informed that a group of students dressed as tigers were threatened by a male in a blue car. The students had shaken a stuffed whale at the car, the car stopped and the driver got out of the vehicle and walked towards his boot to get something out. The passenger had stopped him and then they drove off. Security made a search of the campus but car was not found.


1626 Report of 10 people dressed as chickens walking along Beeston Lane throwing water bombs. Security attended on arrival the Chickens had left the area.[Note, this is not the first time Security have had to deal with giant chickens, see True Crime §12]

1753 Request from a resident of Abbey House to remove a large bee from under a sheet in their flat. Security attended and the bee was removed.

1400 Report of a group of males hare coursing on University Land adjacent to the Sutton Bonington Campus. Security attended, Police informed.

2000 Report of a dog running loose around Abbey house. Security attended – the owners of the dog were asked to put the animal on a lead.

13:00 Security called to room A05 Plant Science, Sutton Bonington Campus. A pigeon was trapped in the office, it had caused a lot of mess. The pigeon was released and Quality First called out to clean up.

1415 Report of two males hunting with a falcon on University Farm Land, Sutton Bonington Campus. Security attended and the males were told to leave University property.

0200 Report of a cat in the Pope Building. Security attended and removed the cat.

Youth club: True crime on campus §13

More true crime on campus

In addition to dealing with the challenges presented by staff, students and visitors to campus, our indefatigable Security team also has to cope with the inappropriate activities of various groups of youths:

1920 Patrol Security Officer stopped a group of youths swimming in the Lake at Jubilee Campus. The youths were told to leave Campus.

1925 Patrol Security Officers spoke to a large group of youths on skateboards at the Jubilee Campus. They were told to leave Campus.

17:40 Security asked youths to leave Campus. A second group of youths nearby had also been reported to be throwing stones at ducks and fish in the lake, youths asked to leave Campus.

2120 Patrol Security stopped a group of youths on Jubilee Campus using skateboards. The youths were told to leave Campus.

2340 Patrol Security Officers at Jubilee Campus stopped a group of youths who were making a noise – they were told to leave Campus.

09:30 [note the time] Security asked a group of youths to leave Jubilee Campus as they were drinking brandy. Security removed the bottle and escorted them towards the gate where they were joined by more youths and they were all getting rowdy. Security called for assistance and youths soon left Campus.

13:59 Staff member witnessed BMX riders on Jubilee Campus near the Exchange building. Security attended, the youths escorted off Campus.

1501 Report of youths causing a nuisance at Jubilee Campus. Security attended – the youths left Campus as Security arrived.

1615 Report of youths in the water at the Millennium garden – Security attended.

2030 Report of youths letting off Rockets in Bramcote Woods – Security attended. On arrival it was discovered that the Scouts had an event taking place and were letting off Rockets. They were asked to let the University know if they were planning an event such as this again.

1330 Report of youths drinking with dogs in the UNSSC Garden. The dogs were loose and running around. Security attended and on arrival the youths were told to put the dogs on leads and leave the Campus.

0610 Report of youths throwing stones and exposing themselves on Beeston Lane Security attended and stopped four males one of whom is a Student. Two of the group including the Student admitted to exposing themselves to motorists as they drove past them. A file will be submitted to the Head of Security.

2100 Report of 30 children with tents in Bramcote Woods. Security attended – no children or tents were found.

True crime on campus §12: Just another day

Yet more true crime on campus

This time it is a selection of reports from just one day at the University of Nottingham. Perhaps not an entirely typical day, there is something of an end of term feel about some of the events. Nevertheless, our terrific Security staff have to be ready to deal with just about everything…

13:45 Security asked a skateboarder to stop riding on Science Road between L2 and the Auditorium. He ignored the request and continued. Security then saw him coming out of the Chemistry building and asked him for his ID. Student provided details, he was told not to skateboard on the roads again.

15:15 Security provided access to Highfield Sports Ground for the air ambulance.

15:20 It was reported by the Cripps Hall Manager that there was a BBQ on the grass area that had not been authorised. Security attended and asked them to extinguish it. This was done immediately by the Students.

15:45 Security received a report regarding the parking at Cripps Hall. On investigation Security found cars parked on the grass and a group of Students having a party with a swimming pool and water slide. After talking to the group they said they had got permission from the hall porter to do this. The hall porter was contacted and permission was not given. Students removed the pool and slide.

19:25 Security were called to Maths and Physics car park to remove a clamp from a vehicle that had broken down. Clamp removed no further action.

21:10 It was reported that a group of Students had been seen in fancy dress complete with a baseball bat. Security located the Students in Ancaster Hall bar, Security approached the Student with the baseball bat and advised him it was not an ideal accessory for a night out. Student was told he could collect it in the morning from the Security Office. Student was apologetic and polite throughout.

21:45 It was reported that 25 drunk male students dressed as chickens were destroying the bar at Willoughby Hall. On arrival the Willoughby Hall tomb stone had been ripped up and lying in the middle of the road. The Students were outside and heading in the direction of Florence Boot Hall. On arrival the Students were refused entry, after some initial arguing they moved on in the direction of Cut Through Lane. They caused general disruption to the traffic flow stopping cars and the hopper bus. Due to the Students separating it was not possible to take names. They headed towards the Trent Building, Mooch bar were advised not to let them enter. The Students then headed towards the downs and not seen again.

22:40 Security were called to attend Derby Hall as a group of approximately 30 students were arguing. It was very heated and seemed to be getting out of hand. It appeared that third year students had entered the Hall and removed a fire extinguisher and caused havoc in the kitchen area. In response the first year students has been exceptionally aggressive and physical. All parties had different versions of the events. Security advised first year Students to return to their rooms and third years to leave the area. Within several minutes the area was clear. Warden informed.

23:00 It was reported to Security that a local resident had made a complaint about noise coming from Ancaster Hall. On arrival they found approximately 40 students leaving the hall shouting and singing. Security told them to quieten down which they did. Students were getting into taxis and onto coaches ready to leave the campus. No further action.

True crime on campus §10

More true crime on campus

More extracts from campus security reports. Some innocent, some silly and some just a bit odd. Our outstanding Security staff have to deal with just about everything.

1445 Report of a smell of burning coming from the Kitchen in L Block Derby Hall. Security and the Fire Service attended. On arrival it was discovered that a microwave had been placed on a cooking hob which was on. The Microwave had started to melt. The Safety Office is to be informed.

This will make it to the Olympics one day

2230 Report of noise coming from the Quidditch Match being played at the rear of Lincoln Hall. Security attended and spoke to the players.

2340 A Student observed two males attempting to steal the television from Sherwood Hall JCR. The offenders, knowing they had been seen, left the Hall and ran off campus. A number of students attempted to follow the offenders. Security conducted a search of the campus and surrounding area but the offenders could not be located. Police have been informed, Security are to follow up.

2010 Report of noise coming from room at Kings Meadow Campus. Security attended, the room was checked and the noise was thought to be a freezer. Checks were made later during night to ensure there were no issues in the area.

1945 Officer observed a male acting suspiciously on Melton Lane adjacent to the new greenhouse development. Officer challenged the male who became abusive and aggressive. Security Officers were asked to attend. The male explained that he was a plane spotter and was using the dark on Melton Lane to get clear footage of the incoming planes.

2045 Report of a student with a cut to his face in the Portland Building. Security Officers attended and gave First Aid. The student reported that he had been playing Hide and Seek as part of an event with the Hide and Soc Society when he had banged his face while hiding behind a chair. An accident form will be submitted.

True Crime on Campus §5

True Crime on Campus

The fifth instalment in a series of items extracted from university security reports. These are all real reports and highlight the varied nature of the challenges faced by our indefatigable security staff:

0845 Request for Security to attend an office in Trent Building. A member of staff had a pigeon in his office, which would not leave. Security attended and the pigeon was escorted from the building.

07:20 Whilst patrolling the campus Security Officers observed a man slashing at foliage with a golf club. Security spoke to the gentleman and asked him not to continue.

22:30 Security attended Archaeology and Classics Building where a fire alarm had been activated. A ‘Haze’ machine/smoke dispenser had been used in the ground floor theatre and the performers/students had forgotten to close the door, which had activated the alarm. Security ensured the ‘smoke’ was cleared and reset the alarm.

12.05 Report of a person trapped in a lift in the Medical School. It appears that the lift was being worked on by engineers when a person entered the lift car without the engineers being aware. The Fire Service were called to release the person as he was keen to use the toilet.

00:40 Security received a report from a member of the public that 3 males were fishing in the lake at the front of the Exchange Building at Jubilee Campus. Security attended and, after checking that they had no fish on them, moved them on.

23.50 Report of a suspicious vehicle parked at the rear of Cripps Hall with its engine running. Security attended and on approaching the vehicle a male and female emerged from the back seat in a state of undress. They apologized and after getting dressed left campus.

21.15 Report of a group of students with a pig’s head being offensive in a hall of residence. Security stopped the group and removed the head from them. The Warden is to be informed.

True Crime on Campus §4

True Crime on Campus

Some more shocking reports from the front line of campus life for the 300th post on Registrarism:

2225 Report that persons unknown had thrown water through a bedroom window in Lenton and Wortley Hall wetting some clothes.

0410 Report of Students causing a disturbance outside Rutland Hall. Security attended and spoke to seven Students who were making a lot of noise and very drunk. The Students were asked to keep the noise down as other Students still had exams. The Students tried to bribe Security Officers with spaghetti before returning quietly to their Halls of residence.

2358 A Student requested the room fridge be removed from his room, as it smelt. Security attended and the fridge was removed. The Student stated the reason it smelt was that he had spilled milk in it. The Student is to contact the Hall Staff.

1645 Report of youths urinating and spitting on vehicles. The youths were also said to be swearing at passing Students. Security attended but the youths had left the area. On checking the CCTV, the youths were found to be a group of children the oldest around 7 years old, the youngest around 5 years old. The Police will be informed to see if they can recognise them and give advice to their parents.

1100 Report of a strange man walking around the Music School playing a Guitar. Security attended – no one matching that description was found.

1450 Report of two naked males with an inflatable sex doll outside the Portland Building. Security attended, the area was checked but no one of that description was found.

1450 Security were requested to Highfields Sports Ground where a football team were abusing the referee. Security attended and spoke to a team from Nottingham Trent University – they were told to calm down.

True Crime on Campus §3

More true crime on campus

Some more diverting extracts from campus security reports:

0355 Report of a female Conference Delegate feeling unwell in Willoughby Hall Security attended the female stated she had drunk a large amount of a Caffeine based drink. An organiser from the Conference was contacted and asked to sit with the Delegate.

1215 Report of people ferreting on Lancroft Lane Sutton Bonington Campus. Security attended [and advised that] the people had the permission of the Farm Manager. The Farm Manager is to be asked to ensure that Security are made aware of such agreements.

1300 Report of people skating on the Lake under Trent Building. Security attended. However, no one was seen on the Ice.

17:55 Security observed a Student doing ‘handbrake turns’ in the Car Park near the South Lab at Sutton Bonington. Report to be sent to the Warden.

2325 Report that a picture had been taken off the wall at Hugh Stewart Hall by a Pirate. The Pirate had gone in the direction of the Mooch Bar. Security attended the Mooch where they found over 40 Pirates none of whom had the picture.

1255 Report of a person trapped in mud in the Lake adjacent to University Park. Security attended and after a search, a female was found stuck in the mud up to her waist. The Fire Service were called out they were able to extract the female from the mud. No explanation was given as to why she was in the mud.

2335 Report of a disturbance in Hall bar. Security attended a male who is not a Student complained that he had been involved in a short fight with two others who may have been Students. The incident started over an argument over a Cowboy hat one of the males was wearing. The two males were part of a large group on a Campus 14. The Police were not informed.

True crime on campus §2

More true crime on campus

Following an earlier post on this subject a few more extracts from campus security reports:

0128 Patrol Security Officers observed a vehicle being driven dangerously in Newark Hall car park. Officers stopped the vehicle and spoke to the driver who is a Student. Officers also spoke to the owner of the vehicle who is also a Student. The reason given for the dangerous driving was “letting off exam stress” – both Students will be reported to the Head of Security.

0830 Security unlocked a shared bathroom for a Student who had been locked out of his shared bathroom.

1015 Report of a male talking to a wall at the rear of the Biology Building. Security attended and spoke to the male. The male identified himself as a member of Staff – he stated that he was working through a Mathematical problem and would be returning to his office after his lunch.

1830 Report of a Robin in the Kitchens in Portland Building. Staff requested Pest Control – the Robin was encouraged to leave without the use of Pest Control Staff.

1430 Report that a hole had appeared in Cut Through Lane. Estates Staff aware and are dealing with the hole.

0850 A visitor in Cripps Hall requested a towel. Security attended and provided the visitor with a set of towels.

1840 Report of a suspicious package in Nottingham Medical School – Security attended and after checking the package removed it from the building. On examination, the package was found to contain a tin of gravy granules.