Unbelievable excitement as website updated

Big announcements about Unistats. As previously noted there is no shortage of information available to prospective university students. Unistats was intended to enable better decision-making by students but, whilst it is not without merit, it is no substitute for effective advice and guidance. Unfortunately this shiny website seems to be pretty much all that's on … Continue reading Unbelievable excitement as website updated

Regulation without legislation

Not a campaign slogan but the next steps in HE regulatory change from HEFCE Something of a surprise announcement from HEFCE on new changes to HE regulation. The changes follow a written Ministerial statement from David Willetts. The changes cover a lot of ground: The success of higher education in England is underpinned by the … Continue reading Regulation without legislation

On the real bottom line

Transnational initiatives pay dividends far greater than a share of the overseas student market Times Higher Education carries this piece (by me) on the real value of international activity: The British Council has predicted that most universities in the West - with the exception of some in Australia - will recruit markedly fewer international students … Continue reading On the real bottom line