Sunday Times 2013 University League Table Top 20

Sunday Times League Table 2013

This is just the Top 20 rather than the full table (which is now available (paid access) on the Sunday Times website). There are some big changes with Heriot Watt and Birmingham Universities both enjoying big leaps.

(Note that this is the table published in 2012. The 2014 table, published in 2013, can be found here.)

The top 20 is below:

(last year’s position in brackets)

1 (1) University of Cambridge
2 (2) University of Oxford
3 (5) University of Bath
4 (3) Durham University
5 (6) University of St Andrews
6 (4) LSE
7 (9) University of Exeter
8 (14) Imperial
9 (31) Heriot Watt
10 (8) Warwick
11 (10) Bristol
12 (11) Loughborough
13= (7) UCL
13= (25) Birmingham
15 (15=) University of York
16 (18) Lancaster
17 (12) Newcastle
18 (13) Sheffield
19= (26) Cardiff
19=(20) University of Glasgow

(University of Nottingham slips down from 15= to 22nd place)
It’s not entirely clear why there are such dramatic leaps in and out of the Top 20 but it does raise some questions about the methodology here. The impact of one year changes to National Student Survey scores and employment rates, both of which can be exaggerated by the scaling used here, would seem to be at the heart of this.

On the plus side you can plat with the tables to create your own until you get the outcome you wish.

Exeter is the ‘University of the Year’.

2012 Complete University Guide League Table

First league table of the season

The Complete University Guide and league table is now out. The details can be found on the Guide website together with lots of other stuff (actually there really is a surprising amount of useful information in here).

Rank 2012 Rank 2011 Institution
1 (2) Cambridge
2 (1) Oxford
3 (3) Imperial College London
4 (5) London School of Economics
5 (4) Durham
6 (6) St Andrews
7 (9) University College London
8 (7) Warwick
9 (8) Lancaster
10 (12) Bath
11 (16) Bristol
12 (10) York
13 (11) Edinburgh
14 (14) Southampton
15 (24) Exeter
16 (13) King’s College London
17 (18) Nottingham
18 (15) SOAS
19 (21) Loughborough
19 (19) Sussex

So, no big surprises in there and little movement in the top 10 (apart from the Oxbridge swap at the top). Two new entries to the top 20 from Exeter and Loughborough but otherwise it’s as you were. (Modest advancement for Nottingham too, as I’m sure everyone has noticed.)

The Telegraph carries a story leading on the big news of Cambridge beating Oxford into second.

No more drinking ‘games’

Exeter, according to the Guardian, has banned them following the death of a student as part of a society initiation.

A previous post referred to the problems of the Freshers’ Week drinking culture and the Government’s concerns. The initiation ritual, here involving golfers (perhaps surprisingly?), remains a deeply unpleasant extension of this.

A coroner’s inquest yesterday heard that [the student] took part in a drinking initiation for the golf society that involved downing a cocktail of shots, followed by pure spirits. The inquest heard that [he] was violently sick after the challenge, which was part of a three-hour pub crawl in his first month of university. [The student] joined the society days after he started at Exeter in October 2006. As part of the initiation, he and other new members were taken on a pub crawl on November 28, 2006, visiting nine bars. The students, some in fancy dress, downed strong drinks with extra “penalty” shots if they failed to drink them in less than 30 seconds.

…a fellow student claimed that [the student] drank four vodkas, three pints of cider, a glass of wine and numerous sambucas before downing a pint of spirits.

Just awful.