Betting the farm

A very big gamble The Chronicle of Higher Education has an extraordinary piece about how one investment manager gambled away $13.1 Million of her university’s money: Over a series of three contracts, Ms. Prizevoits signed over more than $8-million of the 96-year-old university’s money in 2008 to a Florida-based company called Betts and Gambles Global … Continue reading Betting the farm

Needed: More Money, Money, Money

Higher Education needs more and better fundraising. And fundraisers A new publication from HEFCE.on developing the HE fundraising workforce: This report was commissioned by HEFCE to address one of the recommendations in 'Review of Philanthropy in UK Higher Education: 2012 status report and challenges for the next decade' (the Pearce report), specifically the future development … Continue reading Needed: More Money, Money, Money

‘University of Nike’ in Oregon

A huge investment in university sport.   The New York Times has a report on the opening of a hugely expensive new facility to enhance the University of Oregon's football programme. It comes courtesy of a sizeable donation from one of the founders of Nike. The Football Performance Center, which was unveiled publicly this week, … Continue reading ‘University of Nike’ in Oregon

Some Vice-Chancellors will do anything for money…

...provided it's for a good cause A bit late in the day but I did want to register how impressive this fundraising effort is from the Vice-Chancellor of De Montfort University. The video, which is intended to raise money for LOROS and PROSTaid, features over 1,000 students from DMU too and can be seen here: … Continue reading Some Vice-Chancellors will do anything for money…

Rich celebrations

Two ceremonies to celebrate the achievements of Dr Tony Rich I was privileged to attend two ceremonies in February to celebrate the achievements of Tony Rich, formerly Registrar and Secretary at the University of Essex and a mentor to me for nearly 20 years. The first event was the naming of a new teaching centre … Continue reading Rich celebrations

Nottingham Advantage

Impact Campaign: Nottingham Advantage Another update on the Impact Campaign which has launched this week at the University of Nottingham. This theme, Nottingham Advantage, is one which I think is particularly important. On this site you can see a nice video, fronted by Vicky Mann who heads up the Nottingham Advantage Award, all about how … Continue reading Nottingham Advantage

Impact : Academic Excellence

The Impact Campaign at the University of Nottingham - Delivering Academic Excellence   A previous post reported on the launch of the Impact Campaign. Now we're into a bit more of the detail about why the campaign is important and how our academic excellence has been constantly enriched by philanthropy. Part of Impact: The Nottingham … Continue reading Impact : Academic Excellence

Launch of the Impact Campaign at the University of Nottingham

The Impact Campaign launches today at the University     A rather different focus here on the blog for the next few days. The University of Nottingham is launching a significant and important campaign today: About the campaign: By helping us to raise £150 million over the next five years you will be supporting a … Continue reading Launch of the Impact Campaign at the University of Nottingham

Trouble with names

Or the importance of having a proper naming policy So could it happen here? Fascinating story this about Tsinghua University naming a teaching building after a donor. Except the donor is a clothes brand: China's prestigious Tsinghua University has triggered heated debates one month after its 100th anniversary of founding as it has named one … Continue reading Trouble with names

Sing Sing – fundraising for Mamelodi

Sing Sing Selina Mwenifumbo and Shaunna Francis, two pupils at Nottingham University Samworth Academy, have written, recorded and released this song to raise money for the Mamelodi Trust in South Africa. It's available for download on iTunes for 79p and every penny will go to the Mamelodi Trust, which raises money for schools in the squatter camps … Continue reading Sing Sing – fundraising for Mamelodi

Valentine’s special: “Top 10 Most Loved Schools”

A top 10 of colleges with the highest percentages of alumni donors according to US News and World Report: Webb Institute 70.9 Carleton College 61.3 Princeton University 60.3 Middlebury College 60.1 Amherst College 59.5 Williams College 57.6 Centre College 56.7 4 Indiana Institute of Technology 55.1 Davidson College 54 Thomas Aquinas College 52.5 Although these … Continue reading Valentine’s special: “Top 10 Most Loved Schools”