Universities unable to regulate guns on campus

More crimes about guns A post here a couple of years ago noted the challenges US universities were facing in trying to address guns on campus. More recently there was news in a survey on US students' views on carrying concealed weapons which highlighted what seemed to be quite a large proportion of students who did not … Continue reading Universities unable to regulate guns on campus

Guns on (US) Campuses

Should we be pleased? Students Oppose Concealed-Carry Gun Policy on Campuses The Chronicle of Higher Education has a report on a new survey which suggests most students are against the idea of people being allowed to carry concealed guns on campus. As state legislatures continue to debate whether to allow people to carry concealed firearms … Continue reading Guns on (US) Campuses

More Guns on Campuses

The freedom to bear arms - in class Piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that legislators in nine US states, including Florida, Texas, Michigan, and Arizona, are considering laws that would restrict institutions' campus anti-gun policies: Proposals to bar campuses from banning weapons have been common since the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007, … Continue reading More Guns on Campuses