“For-Profits Eye the British Market”

New opportunities for private providers The Chronicle of Higher Education has a good piece on the interest for-profit providers are taking in the UK market. Robert Lytle of the Parthenon Group, management consultants with an interest in education, seems a bit sceptical: "It's a very expensive market to operate in, and the profitability is not … Continue reading “For-Profits Eye the British Market”

Should you shake hands at graduation?

University staff living on the edge? Topical issue this in graduation season. A researcher at Johns Hopkins University has been studying the health risks associated with shaking hands at graduation: Bishai got the idea for the project after years of attending the Bloomberg School’s graduations and wondering what would be growing on the dean’s hand … Continue reading Should you shake hands at graduation?

Radical savings steps at Johns Hopkins University

From Johns Hopkins University News Releases: Some radical steps announced by JHU's President in order to address the problems caused by the current economic situation: We now project that university revenues during fiscal 2010 and fiscal 2011 will be a total of more than $100 million short of previous estimates. Effective July 1, all members … Continue reading Radical savings steps at Johns Hopkins University