A bit of a lift

Or, beyond car parking charges

(Continuing the left/elevator theme of the previous post.)

Until very recently the University of Nottingham was one of only a tiny number of universities in the UK which did not charge for car parking on campus. The introduction this summer of car parking charges here at the University has not, it is fair to say, been greeted with universal acclaim. Whilst many are supportive of the range of charges levied (dependent on salary and vehicle emissions) and the various other traffic improvements introduced, some remain less than pleased with the whole situation.

This document, which is by an unknown author, was passed to me the other day. Building on the new rules for car parking, it sets out the arrangements for a new Lift Permit Scheme with fees to be determined on the basis of salary and BMI. I think it is a very good idea indeed and I’ll be suggesting that the University adopts it as soon as possible.