First Liverpool Beatles graduate

Exciting graduation news A previous posting noted the launch of an MA in Beatles Studies. Rather than being one of those slightly bonkers courses this is a more serious proposition and it now has at least one graduate as this BBC report notes: A Canadian singer has become the first person in the world to … Continue reading First Liverpool Beatles graduate

Free books for freshers

Persuading freshers to read Last year St Andrews gave a novel to all freshers to get them reading, discussing and engaging with each other. This year, according to, the scheme seems to have expanded: Nearly 18,000 freshers across five UK universities have been given copies of a winning or shortlisted Man Booker novel for … Continue reading Free books for freshers

Shanghai Jiao Tong World League Table: Subject Rankings 2010

SJTU Subject Rankings 2010 In addition to its overall rankings and Field rankings, SJTU has also developed subject rankings in a small number of disciplines: Mathematics Physics Chemistry Computer Science Economics and Business Some UK universities which don't appear in the global Top 100 do rather well in here. For example: Durham and Liverpool are … Continue reading Shanghai Jiao Tong World League Table: Subject Rankings 2010