True Crime on Monsters University Campus

More from Monsters University.

The Monsters University website (promoting the forthcoming film) is a really impressive affair and covers every aspect of university websites pretty convincingly from admissions to campus life and from institutional history to news and events.

Was also amused to note there is a Monsters University crime report:

Wednesday, 11:21pm

Students accused of “continually” lifting and transporting narcoleptic roommate to different areas of campus while asleep — and leaving him with only minimal amounts of clothing.

Thursday, 12:08am

Four female students report prank phone calls from an unknown male caller pretending to be a lost human.

Thursday, 12:59am

Report of stolen vintage typewriter from dorm room. Dispatch sent officer to investigate.
Thursday, 1:43am

Three female students report being pelted by tossed fruit from roof of Chemistry Lab building.

Thursday, 3:14pm

Student accused of keeping unlicensed urn in room. Call initiated by agitated roommate. Upon investigation by Officer Barker, the student claimed it “contained the ashes my many, many good grades.” Barker forced to stop the “slapping melee” that ensued.

Thursday 9:28pm

“PEC” poster spotted in dorm-adjacent dumpster, alongside piles of empty checkbooks.

Thursday 11:10pm

One of the Pep Squad’s pom-poms reported missing. It was later discovered in the equipment room cozying up to a spare football.

Think the real world True Crime on Campus is probably better…


Frightening Stuff: It’s Monsters University

Fictional and daft but really rather impressive

My attention was drawn recently to the Monsters University website. It is of course an entirely fictional construct to promote a new animated movie from Pixar which is a prequel to Monsters Inc from a decade ago.


Looking through the site it really is a quite good pastiche of the top level of university websites. It covers everything from Admissions to Campus Life and student related policies on employment, keeping pets and international student support. An extract from the University history gives a flavour:

Established in 1313 following a land grant from the city of Monstropolis, Monsters University has grown from a small local center of learning to a leading global institution of higher education. Upon this hallowed ground, some of the most fabled academic buildings in the world have been built, serving the hundreds of thousands of alumni that have walked the halls and grounds of MU.

So, utterly daft but really also rather good. It also helpfully reminds us that our own institutions’ sites might be just a few words away from the cartoon world. My only criticisms would be that the curriculum in the School of Scaring looks a little thin and there is insufficient coverage of Professional Monster Services.