The Ultimate Higher Ed Band List

Higher Ed Bands We’ve all heard about the bands which formed at college or university: Roxy Music, Editors, Pink Floyd, Everything But The Girl, REM, The Pixies, Talking Heads, Coldplay, London Grammar, Snow Patrol to name but a few. But now it’s time for a comprehensive listing of the top Higher Education bands who have … Continue reading The Ultimate Higher Ed Band List

University of Nottingham: Gig central

The University has hosted some impressive acts down the years. It has been quite a long time since the University of Nottingham hosted really big bands. But the history, mainly from the early 70s before the advent of the Boat Club and Rock City, is surprisingly impressive: Some gigs took place in the Sports Centre, … Continue reading University of Nottingham: Gig central

Now it’s “music that makes you dumb”

Follow up to post about books that achieve this end. This site does the correlation with music and SAT scores. Looking at Facebook for University of Nottingham today it seems the following represent our top 10: 1 Muse 2 The Killers 3 Oasis 4 Jack Johnson 5 Snow Patrol 6 Coldplay 7 Bloc Party 8 … Continue reading Now it’s “music that makes you dumb”