Celebrity tutors

Hong Kong's got (teaching) talent. Following a recent post on Oprah in the classroom, the New York Times has a great piece on Celebrity Tutors in Hong Kong: Advertisements for star tutors in Hong Kong can be seen all over here: on billboards that loom over highways and on the exteriors of shopping malls. Invariably, … Continue reading Celebrity tutors

“Title arousal” issues in German Education

Another German Minister with Doctoral Difficulties. BBC News recently reported on German minister Annette Schavan having her doctorate withdrawn following accusations of plagiarism. This comes barely two years after another minister was found to have plagiarised parts of his dissertation. It's a rather unhappy picture: A German university has voted to strip Education Minister Annette … Continue reading “Title arousal” issues in German Education

High Speed HE: China Expands Abroad

A Chinese University Expands Into Malaysia. The New York Times has a fascinating piece on a Chinese university expanding into Malaysia: Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia said that the Selangor branch would initially take in 10,000 students, reported Bernama, the Malaysian state news agency. The student body would be divided into thirds, consisting of … Continue reading High Speed HE: China Expands Abroad

A slow down in branch campus developments?

Perhaps, but there's still a lot going on The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education, OBHE, has published its fourth report on international branch campuses. The OBHE definition of a branch campus, which has broadened since the previous report, is this: a higher education institution that is located in another country from the institution which either … Continue reading A slow down in branch campus developments?

More student visa problems

A foreign university closes its UK campus The New York Times reports that as a result of the new restrictions on student visas, at least one institution has been forced to close a UK campus. Schiller International University, which is based in Florida and has four other international campuses, is closing its London campus and … Continue reading More student visa problems