Eau de HE: the Smell of Success

A new range of fundraising fragrances from Notre Dame. The Chronicle of Higher Education has this entertaining piece about the very serious business of making money from smells: The University of Notre Dame has long been known for its enthusiastic sports fans. Now, the South Bend Tribune reports, all of those rabid supporters will be … Continue reading Eau de HE: the Smell of Success

Replacing Textbooks With iPads

Another interesting experiment Story in the Chronicle of Higher Education about an interesting experiment at University of Notre Dame where they have tried replacing textbooks with iPads: It was quieter this past fall in Corey Angst’s project-management course at the University of Notre Dame, but it wasn’t because he and his students were talking less. … Continue reading Replacing Textbooks With iPads

How many Honorary Degrees?

An honourable business for the President and the frog? There has been a bit of controversy recently about Barack Obama receiving an Honorary Degree from Notre Dame University and not receiving one from Arizona State. It's not entirely clear how many Honorary Degrees the President does have but it certainly isn't as many as Theodore … Continue reading How many Honorary Degrees?