“Drop the ‘mickey mouse’ degrees”

"Drop the 'mickey mouse' degrees" says head of Royal Society of Chemistry It's silly season again. According to a blog post from Richard Pike of the RSC: ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree courses should be swept away, and priorities in university education and research should reflect the challenges facing the country over the forthcoming decades. No longer … Continue reading “Drop the ‘mickey mouse’ degrees”

University of Nottingham: Graduate Trainee Programme

The first group of four Graduate Trainees are coming to the end of their year-long programme which has been extremely successful. As the advert for the 2009-10 scheme describes it: The University is delighted to announce the Nottingham Graduate Trainee Programme. This innovative programme, aimed exclusively at University of Nottingham graduates from any of the … Continue reading University of Nottingham: Graduate Trainee Programme

Will swine flu end freshers’ week?

The Guardian is reporting that universities may cancel freshers' week because of swine flu concerns: Universities are working on emergency plans to postpone freshers' week activities and shut down parts of their campuses if the swine flu pandemic peaks when students return in September. Contingency plans to slow the spread of the virus, or to … Continue reading Will swine flu end freshers’ week?

League tables podcast (toe in the water time)

University of Nottingham league tables podcast OK, it's the first one but you've got to start somewhere. (Many thanks to Andrew Burden for doing the hard work.) Suspect this is probably going to be the full extent of cross-media influence though.

Graduate Training Programme at the University of Nottingham

A brief podcast on the launch of the new programme for Graduate Trainees at the University of Nottingham (produced by Andrew Burden of the Communications team) Offers a good first look at what it is hoped will be a really important and valuable development for the University.

New additions to iTunes U

As reported by the BBC, UCL, the OU and Trinity have joined the iTunes U stable along with a group of other non-US universities. It remains to be seen whether they will reach the top 10 with any of their offerings but one of the UCL presentations is a bit different: the University's annual report … Continue reading New additions to iTunes U