Daft University Traditions

Some students (and universities) do the silliest things... Lots of universities have bizarre traditions which their students sustain year after year or in some cases disappear into oblivion. My eye was recently caught by a collection of "Princetonia" including this rather odd event called Poler's Recess: One of the more peculiar Princeton traditions was an … Continue reading Daft University Traditions

A movie about Admissions in HE? Yes please!

But when will it be released in the UK? There really just aren't enough HE related movies about. And even fewer which cover professional services rather than academic or student matters (which are, let's face it, much more likely to be entertaining). So in the university movie desert which we have been through since 'Starter … Continue reading A movie about Admissions in HE? Yes please!

Princeton curbing grade inflation

Princeton has been tackling grade inflation According to a news article from the University the proportion of A grades awarded has fallen from 47.9% in 2002-03 to 39.7% in 2008-09 following the introduction of a new grading policy: The policy, adopted by the faculty in April 2004 to curb grade inflation across the University, sets … Continue reading Princeton curbing grade inflation