2010 Independent League Table

Latest Independent league table First of the new season's UK tables has just been published by the Independent. Full details of the institutional and subject rankings are provided by the Complete University Guide which can be found here. There isn't much change at the top but the most striking thing is the inclusion for the … Continue reading 2010 Independent League Table

Sunday Times League Table

Sunday Times League Table is now out The 2010 Sunday Times Good University Guide. Change at the top but not really "a year of upheaval" as billed: 1. Oxford (2) 2. Cambridge (1) 3. Imperial (3) 4. UCL (6) 5. St Andrews (5) 6. Warwick (7) 7. Durham (8) 8. York (9) 9. LSE (4) … Continue reading Sunday Times League Table

On ‘The Edgeless University’

The Edgeless University - Demos Available for download: via Demos Publications This is an interesting paper which identifies a range of significant technological challenges for higher education. It is suggested that universities are on the brink of an electronic revolution like the music industry in 1999 but struggling to make sense of the opportunities or … Continue reading On ‘The Edgeless University’

RAE Funding Results

RAE funding results out Following the results published in December 2008. Handy summaries of research funding outcomes are published by the Times Higher Education. Resources have been spread more thinly and there are some perhaps surprising recipients of significant growth in research income: Biggest winners by cash increase (growth, % increase) University of Nottingham, £9,685,797, … Continue reading RAE Funding Results

RAE 2008: Results and rankings

RAE 2008 results are now out (effective 18 December 2008) Many, many ways to calculate rankings from the data but arguably the most authoritative and convincing one comes from Research Fortnight: Research Fortnight Power Rankings 2008 1 Oxford 2 Cambridge 3 UCL 4 Manchester 5 Edinburgh 6 Imperial 7 Nottingham 8 Leeds 9 Sheffield 10 … Continue reading RAE 2008: Results and rankings

RAE results predictor?

Predicting RAE outcomes before the submission Interesting RAE pre-results (by 13 months) commentary in The Guardian According to a league table based on research impact, PhD numbers and income - which was drawn up by Evidence for EducationGuardian.co.uk - the frontrunners will remain the big research players, known as the "golden diamond": Imperial and University … Continue reading RAE results predictor?