Students to learn how to protest

Innovative teaching and learning approaches at Sheffield Hallam

At one time student protest was as much a part of university life as getting drunk on Freshers’ Week. Now a university is giving some of its politics students lessons in how to campaign and take direct action. The Sheffield Hallam students will have to conduct an activism project and campaign on a theme of their choice. Course leader Dr Annabel Kiernan said many students did not have time for protest as they were too busy working to pay off their tuition fee loans. She said this course, a module on the politics BA, was a way of giving the students some experience of how to campaign.

via BBC News.

Excellent news. There must be other traditional aspects of university life which students are now just too busy to undertake in their own time and should be factored into curricula. There will, of course, be a compulsory module in essay avoidance displacement activity.