Skills not swimming

Alternatives to physical education tests A previous post reported on the reduction in the number of swimming tests or other physical education assessments which formed part of graduation requirements at US universities. Now Inside Higher Ed has a report on another university, Notre Dame, "a sports juggernaut", which is making the shift too: The university … Continue reading Skills not swimming

These charming men. And women.

Stop me if you think you've heard this one before. A couple of years ago I noted a report on the teaching of "life skills" to students preparing to leave home for university and having to look after themselves for the first time. Now there is a report on how universities are stepping in to … Continue reading These charming men. And women.

Bristol University launches volunteering award

Volunteering award at Bristol University According to the Guardian, Bristol has launched a volunteering award: Organised volunteering and work experience has long been a vital companion to university degree courses. Usually it is left to employers to deduce the potential from a list of extracurricular adventures on a graduate's CV, but now the University of … Continue reading Bristol University launches volunteering award

Graduates preparing for work (where available)

From the BBC: Students should get work experience to boost their chances of getting jobs in the downturn, the head of the CBI says. Richard Lambert says students must get skills and first-hand experience of work while still at university. In launching the report with Universities UK on preparing graduates for the world of work, … Continue reading Graduates preparing for work (where available)