A New Student Services Role?

Does every University need a Course Concierge? The Chronicle of Higher Education recently had a piece about the development of the idea of the 'Course Concierge'. The label seems to have been assigned to Paul Neill title who is director of the core curriculum at the University of Nevada at Reno, by the students there. … Continue reading A New Student Services Role?

Preparing for university: “we call this a washing machine”

Some new students need 'life skills' it seems According to the Times "pampered pupils" are receiving lessons in life skills to enable them to cope at university: Increasing numbers of privileged students are arriving at university unable to use a washing machine, cook a simple meal or look after themselves, according to head teachers and … Continue reading Preparing for university: “we call this a washing machine”

Outsourcing Student Services

Interesting and slightly scary blog post in the Chronicle on the opportunities for outsourcing student services in US higher education. As one person interviewed puts it: "It's almost taking the people out of it". Some of the wonderful products on offer include: Rave Wireless lets students set cellphone timers that alert campus police if they … Continue reading Outsourcing Student Services