2007 World Rankings: UK improvements

The detail of the QS-Thes table is due to be available on-line from 9 November according to THES.

While we wait, the QS site will let you download the table.

And the BBC carries the story too.

19 UK universities appear in the top 100:

    2= Cambridge
    3= Oxford
    5 Imperial College
    9 University College London
    23 Edinburgh
    24 King’s London
    30 Manchester
    37 Bristol
    57 Warwick
    59 London School of Economics
    65 Birmingham
    68 Sheffield
    70 Nottingham
    74 York
    76 St Andrews
    80= Leeds
    80= Southampton
    83 Glasgow
    99 Cardiff

Almost all of these universities improved their position on last year. So, either UK universities are getting a whole lot better against the competition or there is an outside chance the table has developed in our favour.