5,000 ‘soft degree courses axed’

'Staggering' reduction in numbers of degree courses Everyone's favourite source of educational critique, Mail Online, conflates several stories and comes up with some earth-shattering news. Some universities are responding to changes in student demand by discontinuing some courses: Universities have axed 5,000 degree courses in preparation for cuts in state funding and the trebling of … Continue reading 5,000 ‘soft degree courses axed’

British students flocking to the US Ivy League. Or not?

An untrained brain drain? In a recent post I commented on the press reports on the modest flow of English students to universities in continental Europe and the reverse flow of other EU students to the UK. The media seems extremely keen to report any international movement by students from the UK as evidence of … Continue reading British students flocking to the US Ivy League. Or not?

Universities ‘scared of private sector’

Oh no we're not Some festive cheer from politics.co.uk. The analysis here is somewhat overstating the case though: Massive efficiency savings which could drive down costs in higher education are only possible if university managers get over their suspicion of the private sector, Policy Exchange has claimed. A report by the centre-right thinktank's Alex Massey … Continue reading Universities ‘scared of private sector’

Providing information that helps students with HE choices

New consultation on providing information that helps students make the right higher education choices HEFCE has launched a consultation on information for prospective students: Schools, colleges, universities, student unions and a wide range of other bodies are being asked to comment on the information that higher education (HE) providers publish to help prospective students choose … Continue reading Providing information that helps students with HE choices

Higher education as food labelling

Food labelling for university courses From the BBC website: School leavers applying to English universities will get more data about courses under government plans to treat them more like consumers. A food labelling-style system will flag up teaching hours, career prospects and seminar frequency, says the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. On Tuesday, it … Continue reading Higher education as food labelling

5% “cheat on UCAS forms”

Large number of UCAS cheats But to what end?! Anyway, UCAS is going to scan all personal statements this time around according to the BBC. We'll see how many use the burnt pyjamas story next time (284 in the trial last year I think). So, we'll find out when a personal statement is not actually … Continue reading 5% “cheat on UCAS forms”