The votes are in

Few surprises here

The polls have closed and the votes have been counted, overseen by our utterly impartial scrutineers. In a result which will surprise absolutely no-one, it is now possible to confirm the topic of the 500th Registrarism post. The ballot paper looked like this (but please don’t try and vote again on it):

Another picture of a ballot box. Just to remind you

And the winner is….

True Crime on Campus!

So, no surprise whatsoever and a worthy winner with over half of the popular vote. Our highly trained editors have already started work on what we hope will be a bumper edition of this as yet not award-winning series.


Landmark blog post – voting now open

Blog democracy in action (kind of)

Having recently passed that social media coming of age marker of the 5000th tweet I’m now rapidly bearing down on the 500th post here on Registrarism (and later in the year will hit 500k unique visits but let’s not get too carried away). So, exploiting the pseudo-democratic feel of online polling I thought it would be in order to ask you, dear reader, to exercise your franchise and vote for what you want the 500th post to be.

Picture of a ballot box. Just to reinforce what's going on here

Remember, all votes count equally, so vote early and vote often.

The choice is yours! Poll will close when I get the answer I want and the post will appear sometime in March.

Get voting.