Badges, badges, badges

Earn your first badge now! I've posted before about this nonsense but then I heard the exciting news about how you can bypass all that messy unpleasant formal education stuff and get straight on and get some real recognition for your achievements via this super Open Badges concept: Want to get started? Earn a Mozilla … Continue reading Badges, badges, badges

The Beginning of the End for Traditional HE?

Will MOOCs kill universities? No. Forbes carries an expansive piece on the implications of MOOCs and asks "Is Coursera the Beginning of the End for Traditional Higher Education?". Could high-quality MOOCs eventually do to traditional colleges and universities what Craigslist has done to classified advertising in newspapers and what Wikipedia has done to encyclopedias? In other … Continue reading The Beginning of the End for Traditional HE?

Another university league table variation

A league table of universties' social media 'visibility' Econsultancy have published a league table of Russell Group universities' social media profiles or their 'visibility': The visibility score we use here is based on the total number of links a web domain has scored on the six social sites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Delicious and StumbleUpon, … Continue reading Another university league table variation

Universities spending millions on ‘inadequate’ websites

Money down the drain? A report in the Telegraph highlights significant spending by universities on website redesigns which seems to deliver less than spectacular results: Using Freedom of Information legislation the Telegraph discovered eight examples of universities spending between £100,000 and £280,000 on one-off website redesigns, as much as five times higher than the average … Continue reading Universities spending millions on ‘inadequate’ websites

New internships for graduates this summer

Government launches 'Graduate Talent Pool' which is intended to boost opportunities for graduates. A new dedicated website, which will match employers with suitable graduates will be launched over the summer, although interested organisations can register their interest in becoming part of the Graduate Talent Pool today online at Businesses that have already signed up … Continue reading New internships for graduates this summer