New THE World University Rankings 2010: UK positions

New THE World University Rankings 2010: UK positions

14 UK universities appear in the top 100, a few of them are new arrivals in this territory:

6= Cambridge
6= Oxford
9 Imperial College
22 University College London
40 University of Edinburgh
68= University of Bristol
77 King’s College London
79= University of Sussex
81= University of York
86 LSE
85 Durham University
87 University of Manchester
88 Royal Holloway
90= University of Southampton

And then in the next 100 there are 14 more:

103 St Andrews
120= Queen Mary
124= Lancaster University
128 University of Glasgow
137 University of Sheffield
145= University of Birmingham
149= University of Aberdeen
152= Birkbeck
152= Newcastle University
165= University of Liverpool
168= University of Leeds
174= University of East Anglia
174= University of Nottingham
184 University of Exeter


New 2010 Times Higher Education World University Rankings

2010 Times Higher Education World University Rankings

The new THE world rankings are out and available here. New method, new rankings and some pretty big changes in the top 200. However, to look at the top 20 you wouldn’t think there was an awful lot going on here (unless perhaps you were Cambridge). And Harvard is on top (unlike in the recent QS table where they were usurped by Cambridge).

1 Harvard University
2 California Institute of Technology
4 Stanford University
5 Princeton University
=6 University of Cambridge
=6 University of Oxford
8 University of California, Berkeley
9 Imperial College London
10 Yale University
11 University of California, Los Angeles
12 University of Chicago
13 Johns Hopkins University
14 Cornell University
=15 University of Michigan
=15 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
17 University of Toronto
18 Columbia University
19 University of Pennsylvania
20 Carnegie Mellon University

The bigger surprises come beyond the top 20 where UK universities generally seem to slip. Indeed, three Russell Group institutions fail to show at all in the top 200 (Warwick, Cardiff, Queen’s) whereas others do rather well (eg York, Sussex). The early press reporting on the table in the UK is generally leading on the poor showing of British institutions. More to follow on this.

New Zealand “winning the educational rankings war”

New Zealand claims to be top of the world in higher education

Some new year cheer from what is undoubtedly the most entertaining interpretation of league table data for some time from Education New Zealand:

In the global battle to attract international students, academic rankings have become an important tool and one of the main factors used to help students decide where they want to study. New Zealand’s consistently high quality of education has given this country the edge when it comes to staying ahead of the pack.
“University rankings have always been a bit controversial as they tend to favour older, larger universities,” says Education New Zealand’s Chief Executive Robert Stevens. “Given New Zealand’s small size, we are thrilled that our universities continue to put us on top of the academic world.”

Stevens is referring to the latest Academic Ranking of World Universities released by Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. It is one of the most used rankings in the world, and this year has featured five of New Zealand’s eight universities in its “Top 500” list.

Universities in the rest of the world clearly don’t measure up:

“No other country has 63% of its universities included on that list. We are absolutely leading the pack,” says Robert Stevens. The only country that came close to matching New Zealand’s performance was the Netherlands, with 61% of their universities on the list. Australia had 43% of their universities make the list, and the UK had 35%. The US, despite dominating the Top 100, had only 8% of their total number of universities feature on the rankings. The New Zealand universities which featured on the rankings were: University of Auckland, University of Otago, Massey University, University of Canterbury and Victoria University of Wellington.

Everyone else should probably just give up now.

UK universities in 2009 THE world league table

Follow up to earlier post on the latest THE world league table.

There are 18 UK universities in the latest THE/QS world university league table with most improving their positions and Leeds being a new entry:

2 Cambridge
5= Oxford
5= Imperial
20= Edinburgh
23 King’s
26 Manchester
34 Bristol
58 Warwick
66 Birmingham
67= LSE
70 York
79 Glasgow
82 Sheffield
87= St Andrews
91 University of Nottingham
95= Southampton
99 Leeds

General take on this in THE and the Guardian is that the US is slipping, UK is holding its own (apart from Oxford) but Asian universities are catching up fast.

Latest 2009 world university league table rankings from THE

Latest 2009 world rankings from THE and QS


The University world rankings have been published in THE. The top 25 is as follows:

1 Harvard University (1 in 2008)
2 University of Cambridge (3)
3 Yale University (2)
4 University College London (7)
5= Imperial College London (6)
5= University of Oxford (4)
7 University of Chicago (8)
8 Princeton University (12)
9 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (9)
10 California Institute of Technology (5)
11 Columbia University (10)
12 University of Pennsylvania (11)
13 Johns Hopkins University (13=)
14 Duke University (13=)
15 Cornell University (15)
16 Stanford University (17)
17 Australian National University (16)
18 McGill University (20)
19 University of Michigan (18)
20= Eth Zurich (24)
20= University of Edinburgh (23)
22 University of Tokyo (19)
23 King’s College London (22)
24 University of Hong Kong (26)
25 Kyoto University (25)

The full tables, including subject rankings, should be available here.

The key points noted about the top 100:

* A dramatic fall in the number of North American universities in the top 100, from 42 in 2008 to 36 in 2009, reflects the growing presence and impact of Asian and European institutions on the world higher education stage. Of these, McGill was the highest ranked Canadian University, up two places at 18th.
* There are 39 European universities in the top 100, up from 36 in 2008. ETH Zurich is the top ranked continental European university at 20th place.
* The number of Asian universities in the top 100 also increased – from 14 to 16 institutions. The University of Tokyo, at 22nd, is the highest ranked Asian university, ahead of the University of Hong Kong at 24th