Degree awarding powers for private company

Degree awarding powers for BPP College


According to their website:

BPP College of Professional Studies (“BPP College”) today announced that the Privy Council has approved the grant of degree awarding powers to BPP College (which comprises BPP Law School and BPP Business School). BPP College is owned by BPP Holdings plc, a publicly quoted company on the London Stock Exchange. The grant of degree awarding powers makes BPP College the first private sector company to be a degree awarding entity in the United Kingdom.

The decision by the Privy Council follows a very full and careful audit and review by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (“QAA”) of BPP College’s organisation, governance and management as well as close scrutiny of BPP College’s quality assurance mechanisms, academic standards and its support systems for students and staff.

The report of the review is not published under the current procedures so guess we will have to wait for the first audit to learn more.

Further coverage offered by BBC.

So, the question for all other institutions is – should we be worried?

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